Fort Zancudo Cargo Plane Salvage [YMAP] [YMT] [OIV]

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this is the first ever map published on this site fully made with scenario capabilities from Codewalker. The main reason I made this is because I thought to myself, maybe if people see a Codewalker map made with scenarios and car gens then they will also do that so we get better maps on this site. This is located off the coast of Zancudo

Scenario Schedule
8:00-18:00 - Workers hang out on board the barge, man stands on the crane with a clipboard

18:00 - 8:00 - People sneak on the barge to fish

Run the .oiv file provided with OpenIV, once you click install you choose a spot to install it and it will eventually complete, making this barge permanently in the game until you remove the mod.
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