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    Great mod! Works nice! although there are some small issues.
    1,for some reason the soldiers only spawn after you engaged the heist. So you can pretty much go all the way to the command tower and then engage the heist, or simply steal a jet and run off unchallenged without ever engaging the heist.

    2, for some odd reason the soldiers on the aircraft carrier likes to fight the SWAT team that comes over via heli due to your wanted level. You can basically hide in the control tower and let the SWAT team kill the soldiers for you.
    I do have some little suggestions and ideas to make it better :D
    1, maybe have a little hacking mini game on that computer in the control tower to disable anti air system. XD
    2, another little suggestion, goes for all your other great mods as well a .ini file that allows you to configure things like rewards, disable blips, activate heists via IFRUIT.
    3, spawn the enemies on the aircraft carrier when you approach the aircraft carrier regardless of the heist engages or not.

    Xoves 28 de Maio de 2020
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    @toyota12345 Your Aircraft Carrier Heist mod however does not have the problem and works pretty well. There are some other issues with it but we’ll get to it under the aircraft carrier mod comment section.

    Xoves 28 de Maio de 2020
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    @toyota12345 Sadly the mod is not compatible with enable All Interiors mod, I tried with it and when I engage the yacht heist the yacht just disappears leaving the bags of coke floating in the air and all the people on the yacht plus the attack heli drooping into the water and drawn.

    Xoves 28 de Maio de 2020
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    looks great but can u make it work with Enable All Interiors (https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/enable-all-interiors-wip) as well? open all interiors is just horrible when it comes to map blips.

    Mércores 27 de Maio de 2020