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    i request you to please also fix the traction control,
    the launch of the car is very fast now, preciously it was like real life.
    It was real good in bug fix-41 bugfix-update-1.

    Domingo 18 de Abril de 2021
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    @Zemanez I understand , But in previous update i was able to play(drive cars n stuff) while on the ENT but now when i toggle ENT i've to complete the task on it exit it then plan again, HELP!

    Martes 30 de Marzo de 2021
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    Hey, When i open vechiles for add on ones the game lags and also when i'm in the menu i can't control the car any more ive to close the menu then carry on , any help!?

    Domingo 28 de Marzo de 2021
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    My cars's handling ain't that good, can anyone tell me how to fix that?

    Sábado 19 de Setembro de 2020
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    can someone pls help, while playing the game the enhance trainer disappears automatically after 5 mins of gameplay and does not come back. i've to restart the game again and again but it still disappears and does not get fixed. pls help sm1 its so frustrating.

    Mércores 31 de Xullo de 2019