Realistic Roads. (previously Add missing traffic lights) (Menyoo) 1.5

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Hello all! This is my first ever mod which adds the missing traffic lights at many
intersections around Los Santos
INSTALL: first you want to extract the zip file
then go to your GTAV directory. Option 1: go to steam and right click gtav > properties > local files > browse local files) Option 2: C:/ Program files(X86)/Steam/Steamapps/common/Gtav
Select menyoostuff > spooner
then drag and drop the .xml file in said folder
Open openiv. Navigate to, Mods>Update>x64>levels>Gta5>Paths.rpf.
Now take the nodes folder in the download and drag and drop into openiv.(EDIT MODE MUST BE ON)
Now for the YMAP, You need to create a custom DLC, Download the DLC Creator(https://www.gta5-mods.com/tools/dlc-pack-creator) Once you have created the DLC. Drag And Drop to Dlcpacks Folder in openIV,(Name the folder to trafficlights), Double-Click on dlc.rpf. Now take the contents of the YMAP folder ONLY, drag and drop once more
Next you want to navigate to GTAV > Mods > Update > Update.rpf > Common > Data > dlclist.xml (Ctrl + Enter)To edit
Add this line: dlcpacks:/Dlcfoldernamehere/
Replace Dlcfoldernamehere with the DLC folder you created in dlcpacks(Thats why i wanted you to name it to trafficlights)
now launch the game and open [menyoo [F8]. Spooner(If you are having trouble navigating the menu, you need to use the numpad, press num lock first) > manage saved files > And scroll down until you see the file > load placments]
The instructions around [] will need to be done on every game startup.

link to menyoo mod menu: https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/menyoo-pc-sp

Also let me know if i missed any intersections and i will add that in the next mod version

CHANGELOGS: Version 1.1, added missing traffic light near the fire station
Version 1.2, Added missing road signs as well, Added left turn signs at some intersections
and some other small details here and there
Version 1.3, Added some more missing traffic lights, stop signs, also added a non-working traffic light near the railroad crossing in sandy shores(Any help to make it work? if so please share with me.)
also added railroad crossings to the tram line in the "Bad" part of town
Version 1.4, More signs for realism, Corrected timings for some traffic lights
Version 1.5, Added street lights along great ocean highway(After Peleto Bay)
Added traffic signal at South Rockford Drive and Vespucci Canals Road
Version 1.6(Currently developing not out yet)Changes: More phase corrections on traffic lights

Please install this for more realistic signals(Optional) https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/extended-traffic-light-props#comments_tab
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First Uploaded: Sábado 1 de Agosto de 2020
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