The Great Island 4.1


The Great Island v4 - by T3mas1

- Map Editor
- Custom Props Add-On [BETA 3]: https://www.gta5-mods.com/maps/custom-prop
- Map Builder (the older version, I use 2.2): http://www.mediafire.com/file/3v9vxiwio6i12o7/MB2+v2.3.1.zip
- Menyoo
- Object Spawn Unlocker: https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/object-spawn-unlocker
- No Boundary Limits: https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/no-boundary-limits

*If you don't install No Boundary Limits, you won't be able to start cars.


1. Put the file - The Great Island v4.xml to the game directory

2. Put the file - The Great Island v4 Menyoo to: game directory/menyooStuff/spooner

3. Run the game

4. Via trainer get yourself into these coordinates (DO IT BEFORE YOU LOAD THE XML FILES): 7300, 13000.0 ,3

5. Then load the file called The Great Island v4.xml via Map Editor

6. Then Load the file called The Great Island v4 Menyoo via Menyoo

7. Enjoy the map

Tips to play:

- Set up bad wether and enjoy the huge waves around you

- On the 7th pic you can see a car, reach the car and open Menyoo to change its status from static to dynamic - Then the car goes and gets back. I recommend not to try stoping it. - It is a leftover after my trying to implement traffic on the island. Unfortunately it was very unstable.


Version 2.0
- rebuilt one part of the map into a populated region
- added some new vehicles around
- The military/test area has changed a little bit
- Added cones
- the type of the asphalt terrain has been conflated
- two new vehicles to test
- added an exit leading to the road
- I wanted to make a city port down there, but unfortunately there is still the problem with the limit of props. I've run out of applicable props. Maybe next time. This time I've chaged conveniently the asphalt and the dusty road by replacing them with the roads from the stunt update so that I could delete a large number of blocks under them.

Version 2.1
- added peds and cars around
- I've rotated some block to make the island less square
- added a sidewalk along the street on the first picture
- added more traffic lights
- some fixes
- the barriers leading to the army base are now dynamic. Than means you can go through them.

*Update 22/12/2016 - fixed positions of some blocks

Version 3
27.12.2016 - New islands around, beaches,docks...

Version 4 - a bridge, an island, added props etc. - vide the pics.

Version 4.1 - bug fixes

Known bugs:
The planes on the runway don't start. You've got to open your trainer and repair their engine.

Some information:

This map was supposed to be connected with another awesome map called Blockistan by Exoskeleton. Unfortunately it seems there is a limit of props. So currently it is not recommended to load those two maps next to each other. I will try to find a way how to deal with it in order to make the island really GREAT! If anyone has advice to this issue or to whatever, feel free to leave your comment in the comment section under this mod. But I don't wanna force you to find ways to make it work. I will be grateful if you just enjoy it. I just want to come with a little request and tell you some sort of an explanation why the road ends on one side. The map itself would be bigger and with more details, if it weren't for the limit of props.

But HEY! It is still pretty great.

I guess I haven't finished yet. The highway on the island ends - I've run out of props, so I have to wait till there are better and bigger props so I can rebuild more effectively some parts of the map and this way get space for props.

I've spent a lot of hours working on the map and put a lot of efforts into it. If you like it and want new versions please donate me. I will add you on my list of donaters which is not done yet since I ain't got no donations, but I will make it for sure if anyone donates. You can also check my other mods such as the Futurama ship, Skoda Favorit or if you are just insterested into maps, you can check out my modification for Mafia 1 - The Motorfield City Mod.

Thank you for playing it!
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