Kush Park Drift Island [Add-On] 1.2


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(yes that means you gta5mod.net -.-)

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Kush Park Drift Island.

-Version 1.2 Update-
Added Terrain and a New Road that Ties it onto the Main Map, the Road is Styled the same as the rest of the map and is perfect for drifting, Plenty of Hairpins and some nice tunnels and caves to drift through.

I have also completely Redone the Terrain Textures using vert painting, thiiiiiis doesn't look as detailed in my opinion, but it has allowed me to remove 100+ high res textures which has reduced file size and hopefully improved performance a fair bit

also to help with performance i have removed a large chunk of the trees and bushes, again this doesn't look as nice in my opinion but should hopefully boost fps

you can use this Bridge to Cayo Perico,
I have made a tunnel under the map which this bridge goes through
--- --- --- --- --- ---
I Made this map with Drifting in Mind, it has Some Nice Flowing Corners and Elevation Changes which make it Challenging but Fun no matter what your Style of Driving.
There is also a Small 2 Story Car Park with a Parking/Meet Area on the 1st floor and a Figure 8 Practice Track on the 2nd.

It is Located Next to the Docks at the Bottom Right of the Map.

"X": 1503.32,
"Y": -3379.55,
"Z": 46.09,
"heading": 269.64

All the Map Models are made by me apart from the Foliage and a few Props,
I am Still Adding Details, and Altering Parts Slightly and will continue to improve

If you have any Issues with the Map, or Suggestions/Feedback,
Feel Free to Contact me through Discord. (xXKushXx#3319) (https://discord.gg/BAFaN9vt2P)

If you Enjoy the Map and want to Help Support Consider Donating to my PayPal,
Using paypalme/xXKushCreationsXx,
Anything Helps and is Appreciated :)

-To Install-
(if you have a previous version make sure to delete that first)

-Drop the "kushdrift" folder into mods/update/x64/dlcpacks.

-Add the Line "dlcpacks:/kushdrift/" to your dlclist.xml inside mods/update/update.rpf/common/data/

-Select "x64p.rpf" and Copy it to your Mods Folder

-in your "mods" folder, Open "x64p.rpf > levels > gta5 > _hills > cityhills_03"

-Open "ch3_13.rpf" and copy "ch3_13_4.ybn" from the "IslandExtras" Folder into it

-Open "ch3_instance_placement.rpf" and Copy "ch3_13_grass_0.ymap" from the "IslandExtras" Folder into it

-Then go to "mods > update > x64 > dlcpacks > patchday2ng > dlc.rpf > x64 > levels > gta5 > _hills > cityhills_03"

-Open "cityhills_03_metadata.rpf" and Copy the Remaining Files from the "IslandExtras" Folder into it

-To Add Mini Map-

-Select "x64e.rpf" and Copy it to your Mods Folder

-go to "mods > x64e.rpf > levels > gta5 > minimap.rpf" and Add "minimap_5_7.ydd" and "minimap_5_8.ydd" from the "[MiniMap]" Folder

-go to "mods > update > update.rpf > x64 > data > cdimages > scaleform_generic.rpf" and Add "minimap_2_1.ytd" and "minimap_sea_2_1.ytd" from the "[MiniMap]" Folder

*-* Updates *-*
--- V1.2 ---
-Added More Detail to the Sprint Side of Mountain (Walls, Barriers, Tunnels, Caves)
-Redone the Terrain Textures using vert painting (doesn't look as detailed imo, but improves performance)
-Redone the Foliage (again not as detailed but better fps)
-Added the island to the maps in game

--- Kush Island (V0.99.2) ---
-Added Surrounding Terrain and New Drift/Sprint Road, Linking Kushdrift to the main Map

--- V0.99 ---
-Added New Models (Rocks, Mountain, Tunnel, Lamp Posts)
-Remade Car Park Area (1st Floor Has Parking/Meet Area, 2nd floor has a figure 8 training track)
-Foliage, Lots of Grass, Bushes and Trees (Probably too much)
-New Road Textures
-Added Night Lighting

--- V0.75 ----
- Remade the Barriers, no more snagging :)
- Remade the Terrain Textures
- Added Grass to Terrain
- Moved all Textures to external library

--- V0.50 ---

-When the Sea is Rough Water Occasionally gets Above the Road Over the Bridge Slightly
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