[MLO] AREA 69 [Add-On SP / FiveM] 1.0


Hello Everyone,

I started working on this mod way back in 2019 but I eventually had to give up because of my pc's limitations. As years flew-by, I went to the army, came back from my deployment and eventually got a new PC and finally brought this mod to life almost 5 years later. This is a combination of ideas I had for continuing one of my older mods (Fort Zancudo Top Secret Project) with some new ideas I got from my time in the army. I Hope you will all enjoy this mod the way I enjoyed creating it!

Thank you.

  • AREA 69 Underground Base Under Ft. Zancudo
    Military Base.
  • Cargoship In The Ocean Near Ft. Zancudo.
  • Aircraft Carrier Next to Ft. Zancudo.
  • Increased vegetation around Ft. Zancudo.

  • OpenIV
  • Menyoo[Optional]

  1. Launch OpenIV
  2. Drag & drop "AREA 69 - Installer.oiv" into OpenIV or click the "Open Package Installer" Icon and navigate to the file.
  3. Click Install
  5. Have Fun!!

[Optional] Loading Peds in-game via Menyoo:
  1. When in-game, press F8 to open Menyoo
  2. Navigate to Object Spooner --> Manage Saved Files
  3. Chose the folder "AREA69_BASE_PEDS"
  4. Pick the file you want to load and go to Load Placements.

*sorry for including 5 different ped files but I almost reached the limit in almost all of them so I had to seperate them.

  1. Launch OpenIV.
  2. Drag & drop "AREA 69 - Uninstaller.oiv" into OpenIV or click the "Open Package Installer" Icon and navigate to the file.
  3. Click Install.
  4. Choose Game folder.
  5. Done!


  • Added FiveM version 1.0

*NOTE! this mod uses modified vanilla game interiors with some of my own creations.
All credits for these interiors go to Rockstar Games and their team! I only modified some
things in them.
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