[MLO] Elysian Island Bristol's Secret bossroom/base [Add-On SP / FiveM ] 4.3.0



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Edit V4.3 (28/06/2023)
people reported to miss a total collision of one wall.
-> I simply fixed it
Sorry for the inconvenient
Edit V4.2 (07/06/2023 )
Many people have problem with the WATER to install it, but they want use the map.
This is my solution : The V4.2 is the same of V4.1 but without water. For people who use it with the water problem you can use the V4.1 and if you want close the water access and discovered the " garage " you can use the V4.2.
Edit V4.1 ( 25/07/22 )
- add on the ZIP a screenshot for people who already use a water.xml on another work , and with the screen you can add manually on your water.xml the good on two place

( not ALTV because i don't now how install the water.xml for ALTV )

You can find :
- A big garage
- a secret way for submersible
/!\ /!\ /!\ -( you can't spawn the submersible inside, you need to spawn it outside and go park inside before. The problem comes from GTA itself, the distance between the ground and the ceiling being too bigt, the game doesn't detect where the vehicle is if you spawn it in the water inside which will take you out of the creation)

- moving the bossroom
- added a cell
-addition of an interrogation room
addition of a muscular interrogation room
-Preparing the hallway for the future update
" Hello community,
Many of you liked the "secret bossroom". Here is a new possibility with this mapping on the theme "villain base as in james bond". The v2 plans to become a base.hope you like it ! Enjoy "

You can find on the map :
- a discreet place
- a garage with a secret passage
- a corridor
- The secret bossroom
- 2 bedrooms / cloak
- a big meeting room
“Hello community!
Today is a quick creation that I had in mind and wanted to do. Once finished I said to myself "might as well share it". It's a simple creation, a secret room to organize your appointments out of sight. Hope you like it, have fun <3 ”

You can find on the map :
- a discreet place
- a garage with a secret passage
- a corridor
- The secret bossroom

For more détail you have a video demo & Read the READ ME file inside the ZIP

--------------- Installation FIVEM v4.2 : ------------------

1) - Copy/Past the folder " patoche_secret_bossroom " on your resource folder .
2) - Open your server.cfg and Ensure patoche_secret_bossroom .

----------------- Installation SINGLEPLAYER : -----------------

1) - Open the file with 7zip, Winrar or any other program that allows you to unzip
these types of files.
2) - Put "patoche_secret_bossroom_sp" folder into 'mods/update/x64/dlcpacks' director.
3) - add dlcpacks:/patoche_secret_bossroom_sp/ in the dlclist.xml located at 'mods/update.rpf/common/data'.
4) - Start your Singleplayer party and let's go

The door info ( if you use a doorlock ) is on the read me on the zip.


If you don't forget my next mapping don't hesitate to follow my youtube chanel
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