Sandy Shores Airbase v1.1


The Sandy Shores Airfield is an empty and sad little domestic airport located on Panorama Drive, southwest of Sandy Shores, Blaine County in San Andreas. But this map mod turns it in to armed Airbase protected by private army.

I have build Privacy Walls and watch towers all around the airbase and there are two entrance to the base. More light beacons line the perimeter of the runways, lighting up at night. Inside the airbase there are two apartment buildings, couple private houses, enhanced hangar with better looking walls and roof, two additional hangars, snack bar, meeting room, helipads, armory, drill and workout place for soldiers, basketball court, cargo loading area and more.



You must have Scripthook V and Map Editor with all the requirements.
You also need "gtamp-unlock-all-objects" mod to load and be able to see all the Objects.
I have included Unlockobjects files in the zip.

Unzip downloaded folder and copy XML file "airbase" into your main GtaV directory, then enter the game.
Press F7 to Open Map Editor's main menu, select load, write down "airbase" , press enter and it will load the map.
You can also automatically load maps by creating a directory in the scripts folder named "AutoloadMaps".

If you want to erase the rubbish cabinet in the middle of the road front of the Stunt Plane hangar;
use OpenIV: " x64h - levels - gta5 - props - roadside - rubbish "
delete the following;


(Back Up Original Files First!)


Enjoy !
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