Vespucci Beach Alley Bunker/Gang Base


This map converts the Vespucci Beach alley, where Franklin and Lamar are involved on a shootout against Vagos. Now, this alley has been taken by a gang alliance (Vagos and Families) and it's a base. They've got a depot there, with gang members all over the place, waiting for some action.

Updated December 5th 2015 - i uploaded a non-peds version, so the map will only have the objects.

The map has got two qualities: it doesn't allow cops to enter the alley from sides entrances, so they can only enter throw the front (so you can make some kind of horde shootouts there); and all the gang members on the alley are our allies, so they'll help us if somebody attacks us. For example, we can hide there from the cops, if we're being chased, and the gang members will protect us. The gang members won't act as bodyguards; they fight their own, and don't follow us.

  • Closed sides alley entrances, with just the front entrance avaiable
  • Lots of covers all over the alley
  • Ally gang members, who will protect us if we're being attacked
  • Some gang members are placed on strategical, top places, like rooftops and balconies, to cover the ground forces
  • All the peds are doing something if they're not fighting
  • A Karin Technical, with a machine-gun mounted, will help us to clear the area
  • Some motorbikes are on the alley and on lockers, to help us escape if we have to

Map Editor by Guadmaz, v. 1.5 or higher

Place vespucci.xml (you can change the name if you want, but keep the .xml extension) on GTAV's root folder. If you want this map to be autoloaded when starting the game, place it on GTAVfolder/scripts/AutoloadMaps (if it doesn't exist, create it). Remember that you need Map Editor script installed and running ok.
To uninstall it, just remove the xml file from the folder.

How to load the map?
This involves Map Editor usage, but basically, if you don't use the Autoload folder, you can open the map editor menu with F7. Then, select Load Map, write vespucci and press enter; the map will be loaded. Remember that you won't be teleported to the alley, you need to go there manually (or teleport with other mod, like a trainer).

Known issues
  • Since the peds are not bodyguards, they won't follow us, so they'll go where they want. This means that, they can get out from the alley and fight on the streets, without covers
  • During combat pauses, peds can resume their activities (for example, hammering randomly), so they can be exposed to fire, or they just can let a cop pass into the alley without shooting him
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