Another Doomsday Scenario [Mission Maker] 2.1


A new missions pack is now available!

After the events of the Doomsday Heist, life was good in Los Santos again. However, that changed as soon as Michael received a call from Lester.

Someone, noone knows who, is planning to do something big, and Clifford is part of that plan. Play as Michael, with the help of his trusty friend, Lester and try to stop an unknown force threatening all of Los Santos and maybe, even the entire world.


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Highly suggested mods to use alongside:

Euphoria Ragdoll Overhaul

Score Controller (With this you can control the ingame music so you can play whatever track you like during a mission)

Heists Music Over Lowriders Music (With this you'll be able to play GTA Online Heists Music through Score Controller instead of the Lowriders Music. Features Apartment Heists, The Casino Heist and 2 Single Player Tracks.)

Don't Writhe! (With this NPCs will not go in a "bleeding out" status)

Installation steps are included in a readme text file with the mod.


-Continuation of the Doomsday Heist in Single Player.

-8 high quality, carefully constructed, action packed missions. More open, less linear and replayable with multiple approaches depending on your creativity.

-1 bonus level based off a cut mission. Also included in the level are cut enemy concept designs.

-A new storyline, presented through the mission's description and multiple text messages received by the player.

-Increased difficulty, tough as nails while still remaining fair, never seen before in Single Player's missions. Careful and slow players will feel right at home.

-Preset weapon loadouts to avoid missions being too easy. More weapons, vehicles and healing items will be scattered around during a mission, sometimes these will help you a lot more than you expect.

-Returning characters from GTA V and GTA: Online.

-Easter Eggs (with some visual or text clues to help guide players, usually containing exclusive weapons or items)

-Only for 26.95$!!! ... Nah, I'm joking. This missions pack is completely free.


Added a bonus level, based off the cut setup mission. Its not relevant to the main storyline.

The full Missions Pack has been released!
Changed the second setup's name from "Info Steal" to "Data Breach"
Various fixes in the demo levels.
One Setup Mission had to be cut because it was not fun to play.

Added the second Setup level in the demo release (the 7 remaining missions will be released with the full package)

Removed 9999 ammo handgun and shotgun in the first setup, replaced with more balanced weapon ammo.

Tweaks to the NPC's AI

Initial Demo Release
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