Better Fight Mechanics for Melee Combat 1.12

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Updated files:
combatbehaviour (mods/common/data/ai)
pedhealth pedbrawlingstyle and gameconfig (mods/common/data)

Need just one more value, find out where editing of how many npc can attack you at once are. If you know where to look help me out.

Can't stand the slow fight mechanics of gta V (5)? Me neither. That's why I'm introducing better fight mechanics.

There will be more peds fighting you and they will attack more frequent!
Their Health is also upgraded so they can take a punch
Just use open IV to replace gameconfig.xml, pedbrawlingstyle.meta and pedhealth.meta in your mods (common/data/)folder.
Backup original files and replace pnly what you need.
Gameconfig: more peds can enter a fight
Pedhealth:peds have more health
pedbrawlingstyle: attack more frequent and better defence

Values are adjusted accordingly and not overdone as in the thread below.
Tutorial: http://gtaforums.com/topic/863681-why-is-ai-melee-such-sht/?p=1068977879
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