DualShock 4 Settings Screen Diagrams w/ Touchpad Instructions 1.01

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Dualshock 4 Controller Diagrams for in-game Settings etc.
By: RunDownThatGuy (RDTG)

Version 1.01

Forgot to include the diagram with mip-maps. Fixed!

Mipmapped diagram (Might help at lower resolutions, not sure how the in game menu fares with mipmaps)
Custom tattoo_keys
Included gamepad_calibration with proper controller button icons (For calibration only)

Future Releases:
Dualshock 4 button icons to match in game dialogue and tutorials

I know the mip-maps are probably not very necessary, but maybe at lower resolutions it will help it look better.

It is exactly what the title says.

Easy - Get OpenIV
If you are not familiar with OpenIV, I recommend browsing GTAForums for a quickie tutorial. Get familiar with it, and once you are comfortable, proceed.
This installation is pretty straight forward.
Following the directories I placed in this archive, they will guide you to where you need to put the files (Starting in the GTA V base directory)
in update.rpf and x64.rpf replace the specified files (add if needed)
Exit and start GTA V.
Easy as that!

Other stuff:
Please do not use this in your mod WITHOUT giving proper credit! Proper credit is always needed, where credit is due!!

The controller images were simply taken from the scaleform_platform_ps4.rpf
I simply redid the tattoo_keys to match the DS4

Thanks, enjoy!

Touchpad Instructions:

SO! You want your Dualshock 4 Touchpad to work the same way it does on the PS4 GTA V?
Look no further than this easy tutorial!

Since I know most of you are using InputMapper, lets get right down to the punch.

BUT, if you are not using Inputmapper (old ds4tool) -- upgrade to the latest Inputmapper.

Now, start up IM (Inputmapper! :D)
Go to Profiles, and click "New profile"
Name it "GTA V"
Now, select the GTA V profile and click "Edit Profile"
On the controller diagram, click the "Share" button in the Inputmapper window
Map it to whatever your screenshot button is (F12 steam or print screen for non steam) -- or you can map it to your video record button
Once thats done, go to the "Macros" tab
Click "New Macro"
Under 'Trigger' - scroll down and select "Touchbutton"
Then go to the "Macro" tab, and click the lower "Controller" tab
Simply click the "Select" button on the on-screen diagram of the Xbox 360 controller
Now press 'OK'
Save your profile!
Go back to the input mapper main page, and make sure your DS4 is using that "GTA V" profile!
Now get in game, and your touch pad works like the PS4 Version!!

NOTE: YES I KNOW, someone made something like this before! I just checked it out, it's nice, but I like to make my OWN mods with a few different customizations. I didn't *HAVE* to upload this. I figured anyone else with similar taste would enjoy it. The reason I left the GTA modding community so long ago were complainers. Don't complain! People don't own mods or mod ideas!
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