Updated Enhanced Fighting Animations (Beta) 6.5.3



Included in this Mod: (Simple View)

+New Melee Animations (Used from Unreal Engine, AnimKit, GTA V database)

+Combo Finishers

+Melee Weapon Combos

+Alternate Unarmed Combos

+Enhanced Counter Moves for unarmed and melee weapons.

+Melee Weapon Animations

+Failed Takedown Animations Replace Forward Kicks

+Edited Ped Health and Damages

+Player and AI Taunts

+Melee Enemy Types with Different Buffs and Weaknesses

+Melee Enemy Types Have Different Melee Combos/Finishers and Counters

+Many Enemies Fight at Once (Allow large Street Brawls)

+Replaced Shove attack.

+Armed Gun Melee Combos

+Edited Gunner Melee Reactions

+One Handed and Two-Handed Gun Attack Combos/Combo Finishers

+14 total, assignable, fighting styles implemented into the world of GTA V

6.5.3 showcases available and linked to page! ;D
OIV Package Support for quicker installation!

Install:(Download Archive)
1. Step 1 Read ALL text files
2. Step 2 Install game directory (GTA V.exe) REQUIRED files. Without these your game will crash at start up.
3. Step 3 Install the main package file UEFA.6.5.3.OIV (See text file on instructions)
4. STEP 4 Choose additional modification packages such as: (This is optional, but highly suggested for full experience)
-Better & MUCH more brutal melee and unarmed combat sounds (As heard in our recent showcases)
-GTA IV unarmed blood splatter effects. (Notice: Will disable Unarmed facial damage decals, but adds a cool blood splatter affect)
-Remove vanilla fleeing affect from dangerous looking melee weapons.
-Also includes Links to scripts that work flawlessly with UEFA and enhance the experience. Such as with the gangster aim script by JediJosh920 you can switch your unarmed strafe and see some more gangster aim styles for guns.

Requirements: (NOTICE)
Scripts provided with custom .ini changes in download archive, with author credit and links.

Incompatible mods: (Feel free to let me know)
World of Variety
Streets of Rage Brawling
Immersive Combat
*Notice* : Any mods that edit meta files such as pedbrawlingstyles, pedhealth, etc.

Change Log:
Version 6.5.3: (General Improvements/Additions)

-Updated for latest game version

-Unarmed strafing has been overhauled for the base game of GTA V, and 13 new strafes (accompanying the previous idles) have been added

-Wing Chun Fighting Style now has fixed finishers (before when at low health it can spam on the enemy without killing them, this has been fixed)

-Fixed some underlying issues with takedown victim reactions not working for low_energy peds (Michael for example) against some of the other brawlingstyles.

-Improved melee combat flow and finishers setup.

-Overhauled previous Boss fighting style to accompany more diverse moves, takedowns and attacks. (Can now use Wing Chun Combo Finishers as well as heavy brawler slams and some karate attacks)

-Improved AI of Heavy Brawler fighting style and now with any model assigned they now attack more frequently, and dodging/countering has a higher chance percentage.

-Added GTA IV (anim not used in GTA V) damage strafe seen in our latest video allowing for peds to hold waste and slowly try to escape after being attacked.

-Replaced writhing animations of peds when they are dying to crawl when out of shooting base. Death animations is always a slow crawl. (Used from MP helicopter crash anim)

-Fixed some hit reactions for BS_NIKO, BS_CAPOERIA_MASTER and BS_WING_CHUN.

-Fixed Niko style's left hook not landing. (Has appropriate strike bones)

-Included previous missing loadouts file

-Reduced possibility of crashes by removing generic distance strafe (Peds run up to you with assigned walk/run styles like in GTA IV)

-Add 10 new counters by Ferz Denikin to BS_NIKO and integrated them amongst other styles as well.

-Replaced previous slow swoop punch with new knee strike counter anim. (Reminds me of GTA IV counter and is available to most styles when you press A)

-Overhauled Muay Thai unarmed combos to resemble authentic style

-Replaced Forward short 2 of Karate with a more fluent attack.

-Niko brawling style can now use counter Anims on story peds (still suggest not to assign to main story peds as some counters still break face bones, hit reactions have been fixed however)

-Fixed missing audio for boss double punch (A Button) and the psycho C takedown punch

-Fixed messed up Peds.ymt so styles will work properly and are all integrated efficiently

Special Thanks and credit:
Thank you F7YO for allowing me to edit your gameconfig to support this mod, without it this would not be possible! Give him support and I do not claim this gameconfig as my own as all credit goes to him! :D
Link & Account:

Thank you: Felix Bartling (reditec) ! This makes installations so much easier!

Special thanks to TheFuumaSage for permitting me to use some of his custom animations and keeping the inspiration alive!! ;D

Support me on Patreon and find more content!

Available Brawling Styles in 6.5.3: (Video tutorial linked to page made by me to explain how to switch fighting styles.)


NOTICE: If you have ISSUES with the mod, PLEASE JOIN my DISCORD. It is easer for me to keep in contact on the go and works better for user assistance. If you have a specific problem post in the "Assistance" tab or a suggestion? "Mods and Ideas" tab. Thank you and have fun! If discord does not work for you I am not opposed to messaging back here just may take me longer to respond. :D

Link: https://discord.com/invite/SmNGBN47vc
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