GTA IV 3D Bullet Hole Glass - (Parallax Glass) 2.0


2020 Update - Decided to come back and make some slight tweaks and improvements.
I've also begun work on more realistic parallaxed bulletholes which will be coming shortly after the release of this one.

Finally learnt how to make the sweet parallax effect similar to that of GTA 4. When viewed at different angles, the bullet hole looks 3-Dimensional especially seen in the shotgun glass decal.

GTA 4 Bullet Hole Glass - PT_Pazza

This was a simple change I did because I did not like the look of GTA 5's new glass textures. Didn't plan on releasing it but here I am. I got the files from 4 and replaced it. I also created a custom normal map on Photoshop since the original ones were too low res. Enjoy.


1. Extract the images somewhere

2. In OpenIV go to GTA V\(mods)\update\update.rpf\x64\textures

3. Go into edit mode

4. Open up fxdecal.ytd

5. Find fxdecal_glass and click replace

6. Find the extracted images and replace with fxdecal_glass.png (named the files after the replaced ones)

7. Replace fxdecal_glass_n and fxdecal_glass_s

For 1.3

Put decals.dat in GTAV/(mods)/update/update.rpf/common/data/effects

For custom decals.dat;

1. Open in a structured note application (I use Notepad++)

2. Scroll down to every row with material relating to glass

3. Under the Parallax>Steep column, set to 1

4. Under Parallax>Scale column, set to 0.05 (Or preferred depth value)

No known bugs.

Added Parallax effect + changed normal map
Added new normal maps giving a more 3D effect
Fixed normal map
Added backup files
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