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NaturalVision ✪ Photorealistic GTA V 2.2

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NaturalVision is the result of greatly utilizing ReShade, ENB, VisualSettings and TimeCycle files in combination with the VisualV mod. The goal was to try and make GTA5 look as photorealistic as possible. Over 400 hours of work was put into Version 2.0, which is a complete overhaul of the original mod.

Although this was built on top of VisualV's files, there have been numerous changes made to the environmental weathers, lighting, timecycle and colors in order to improve the aspect of realism. The tonemapping has also been adjusted through VisualSettings and ReShade to try and mimic how we view the real world through our eyes.

Please leave your feedback in the comments section.

This mod requires VisualV in order to properly work.
You can download it at this link.
Install guide is included in the super detailed "README" file within the download.

Currently available in English, Russian and German but additional language support will be added soon.

Please read everything carefully in the readme before commenting about an issue. There is a good amount of useful information in there that should help you troubleshoot your issues and also answer your questions.

In regards to minimum or maximum specs:
The only thing that matters is how you run currently run GTAV without mods and the FPS you're averaging. Take that and subtract the framerate by 5 or 10, depending on which version you decide to use.


- Updated the README with new instructions (Step 4 and Step 5)
- Modified sky / fog colors in ExtraSunny and Clear weather
- Tweaked directional lighting to provide a warmer feel during daytime
- New night time lighting in all weathers
- Fixed Deband ReShade issue causing night time to be pitch black in certain areas
- Adjusted traffic light corona size for more visibility during daytime
- Increased wind in Rain and Thunder weathers
- Adjusted the type of Clouds appearing in-game
- Recreated the Main ReShade Preset from scratch. Balanced and performance friendly.
- Various ENB and visualsettings lighting tweaks
Rockstar Games & Rockstar North
VisualV (_CP_ & robi29)
ReShade 3.0 Team (Crosire, MartyMcFly, Ganossa, Ceejay and others)
ENBSeries Dev (Boris Vorontsov)

Special Thanks
Quentin Tarantino
young hollow

...and many other people (both friends and family) that helped provide feedback, beta test or supported me.
Recommended Mods:

Your game won't look like mine until you grab a few extra mods that are sure to enhance your GTAV experience. Here is what I recommend...

L.A Roads 2.0 Mod
L.A Roads 2.0 Patch


Real Freeway Signs Mod

advancedblur.asi from the VisualV 'optional' folder

Environmental Emergency Lights

Corona Begone

For a full list of recommended mods, check out the readme
Please do not redistribute these files without my permission. Thanks!
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Data da primeira versión: Luns 25 de Xullo de 2016
Data da última actualización: Mércores 4 de Xaneiro de 2017
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  • E4fccc nv
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    Hi everyone, there is a big update that I've been slowly working on for the past month. It's called "NaturalVision Remastered" and has a targeted release of late February / early March. All the weathers are modified in it, not just the extrasunny and clear weather. This update was inspired by various games including GTA4, Forza Horizon 3 and Watch_Dogs - taking the most realistic lighting aspects from those games and trying to recreate the look in GTAV's various weathers.

    In v2.2 the sky colors looked very weird and did not fully represent Los Angeles, so I've gone back and recreated most of the sky/fog colors which was a lot of work. I've also increased fog density in certain weathers, adjusted the overall fog, modified clouds, tweaked ambient lighting, added godrays, modified in-game tonemapping and so much more. The ReShade stuff was also modified and there is a major performance boost. Revisiting every major weather has really helped shape this update. Even without ReShade, the mod still holds up on its own this time around and I stand by these words. I look forward to sharing it with everyone when it's ready.

    You can view screenshots for NaturalVision Remastered at the following link:

    All screenshots were taken at 4k resolution and then resized to my monitor's resolution. The gallery will be updated frequently so feel free to follow it. Trust me, you will like this update.

    Xoves 26 de Xaneiro de 2017
  • E4fccc nv

    @ValkyriePC Thanks, that's quite the comment since I'm a fan of ICEnhancer.

    @GeorgeFTW There is nothing harmful in the download archive. Your AV is setting off a false positive.

    @ItsGunner_ Quite an odd issue but I've seen this happen to one other person in the past. Are you sure you didn't install anything other than LA Roads recently? Try reinstalling LA Roads using the OIV installer or ask their mod team for help.

    @LanGonCer9807 I don't think they look similar for the time being. There are more mods coming out.. Xilandro is updating R* Hancer, Quentin has a huge update in the works and Quant is also working on something that's starting to look pretty realistic. I'm just glad people will have a variety of mods to choose from in our small community.

    hai un día
  • Default

    @Razed thanks for screenshots without enb or reshade :)
    Looks good!
    and yes. more mods coming out later next months.

    hai un día
  • 413c21 logo1 1

    @Razed hei, can I borrow your VisualV v1.0.250 link? Because my mod use that version of VisualV but I don't want to upload any mirrors again. Thanks before

    hai un día
  • E4fccc nv

    @Skîdrow I have a lot of screens with reshade enabled but here are some new ones I just took really quickly: http://imgur.com/a/Wu8FI

    I know that not everyone will like the toned down look of the ReShade version, which is why It's a completely different config that will be available separately with the NV Remastered package.

    @GPlay90 Thanks!

    @eltece Sure, go for it. The link is http://goo.gl/UxJp35

    hai un día
  • 413c21 logo1 1

    @Razed thanks :)

    hai un día
  • Bb0fe0 206727 219942851356498 5534854 n

    @Razed "NaturalVision Remastered" is expected to be uploaded in next week or you 'll maybe uploaded it on early May?

    hai un día
  • Default

    @Razed also the sky in de first screen looks great!

    24 hours ago
  • Ae0e78 logo

    This mod is very sexy :P

    24 hours ago
  • C21c78 img 0244

    Does anyone has solution for the fullscreen crash problem? The mod works perfectly but I can run only in window or bordeless window mode the game. I tried the alt+enter and everything but did not help.

    24 hours ago
  • Default

    @Razed the first thing i installed was LA Road Textures mod and after installing that i already had problems with world rendering and after that i installed the LA Roads Patch and after that it was pretty much the same.

    23 hours ago
  • Default

    my result is not like you,
    i have 1070 and 1080p monitor. but the result is like horror movie.

    22 hours ago
  • E4fccc nv

    @saras13 Nope, I'm still working on it. Targeting a May release but it has to look the way I want before it's publicly released. Not much work left though.

    @Ranz @Fredskie Thanks guys :)

    @ItsGunner_ Is there anyway you can try a clean install without LA Roads and see if it works? Then backup the fresh install and install LA Roads again.

    @habonk Your comment made me chuckle. Can you provide a screenshot of your GTAV game files/folder and also a screenshot of this horror movie you speak of? Thanks

    22 hours ago
  • Gtao01

    @Razed I love your mods!Can't wait for NaturalVision Remastered!

    21 hours ago
  • Gtao59

    hey, i love this mod in the day but its way too dark for me in the night. is it possible to tell me how to change the light setting of the environmental lighting (street lights, Building lights,, traffic lights etc) in the visualsetting.dat?

    20 hours ago
  • Default

    @Razed Are you sure about that, I am really careful with my PC, do not want to get any viruses.

    17 hours ago
  • Default

    @GeorgeFTW There is nothing wrong with this mod/files. If there was everybody and their dog would be complaining.

    15 hours ago
  • Cfda8e img 4649

    @Razed This has to be good :D
    Can't wait for the release!

    15 hours ago
  • 7af55b acid picdump 37

    Could you release a preview video featuring "neither reshade, nor enb"?

    15 hours ago
  • Default

    Does someone wanna shoot me a thousand dollars so I can upgrade my PC and use this?

    12 hours ago
  • E4fccc nv

    @Victorious_V11 The values in visualsettings.dat are pretty self-explanatory. Look for stuff like "trafficLight.near.coronaSize" and whatnot. The building light intensity is changed through timecycle in <light_artificial_ext_down> and <light_artificial_ext_up> so you will need to play around with those settings.

    @GeorgeFTW The owner of this site scanned my mod himself and put the "View clean virus scan »" link in the description. After 170k+ downloads you would think someone other than you would also complain if there was a problem, right?

    @MikePhilips Thanks!

    @LanGonCer9807 As usual, I am only planning on releasing a single video and it's going to come with the release. Unlike other people, I am not interested in sharing gameplay footage of a WIP way ahead of the release. I don't care about building hype and earning a bunch of views. I only want people to enjoy the content in its finalized state. Hope you understand.

    8 hours ago
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