PDM Support for IVPack & More! 1.4


PDM Support for IVPack & More!

(Update 1.4) Updated Vehicles From DOV 2.0.3 and added IV packs Regina Sedan & Vapid interceptor.
but the interceptor would only show up if i used the tailgaters [gxt]
I made the Stock Cars prices a little higher. and Removed "Brute Taco Van & Rhino Tank"
the top part of the toco van got stuck in the roof of PDM and the tank is to big.
and added a version without vanillaworks and stockcars packs.
(I Can Make An IVPack Only Version If Requested)
Premium Deluxe Motorsport Car Dealership By: I'm Not MentaL
IVPack (By: _CP_, Da7K and other modders)
World of Variety (By: Cass)
Dispatch of Variety (By: Stryfaar, Cass)
Vanillaworks Pack (By: Da7K, Carrythxd, Boywond and other modders)
Stock Cars Pack (By: Bob322)

I added a version without 2 of the vehicle addon packs, "Vanillaworks Pack, & Stock Cars"
Please read the readme in the version you wish to add. and Feel free to use the prices & lines
for your videos or mods. i didn't touch the addon category only the original categories.
so yes any cars you added to the addon spot will still show up unless they are included in this.
you can now buy over 270 lore friendly vehicles at Premium Deluxe Motorsport from IVPack And More
lore friendly vehicle packs. some cars would only show up if i used the vanilla variant for the [gxt] & [make].
Example: i used the tailgaters [gxt] for the Vapid Interceptor or it would not show up in the dealership.
I can't rename the categories or add new ones but i wanted to be able to buy all the vehicle from my favorite mods
and some of the missing vehicles from story mode. so all i did was Reorganize the original car list
and added support for all the land vehicles from: IVPack, World of Variety, Dispatch of Variety, Vanillaworks
& Stock Cars Pack to premium deluxe motorsports with more realistic prices no more 000's.
Now when you buy a new car it's like you are paying taxes. Gotta love uncle sam!
Maybe you could save some money by shopping online? Or Maybe you will get a deal when you visit!
Premium Deluxe Motorsports. feel free to message me if you would like your
lore friendly vanilla car Packs added to PDM Support.

You can now buy Special, Taxi, Emergency, Limo & other missing vehicles not available in PDM already.
It's fun to use with drag meets mod buy an old rusty vehicle and race your way to glory.
then use your winnings to buy any car you want!

==========Recommended mod==========
Drag Meets (By: Eddlm & Mkeezay30)

=Other Info=
you can still use this without some of the Car packs
The cars just wont show up in the dealership but the names
might still be there unless you go in and remove the cars you dont want
from the categories. or install the version without vanillaworks and stockcars packs.

=========New Vehicle Categories & Order=========
Armoured = (Weaponized / Armoured)
Classic = (Classics)
Compact = (Bicycles / Utility)
Coup = (Coups / Compacts)
Exotic = (Supers)
Motorcycle = (Motorcycles)
Muscle = (Muscle)
Off-road = (Racing)
Sedan = (Sedan)
Sport = (Sports)
SUV = (Suv / Van / Trucks & Off-road)
Utility = (Emergency / Service)
Van = (Benny's Custom / Surprise & Special)
===Mod Pack Land Vehicles Added to PDM===
World of Variety
Dispatch of Variety
Vanillaworks Pack
Stock Cars Pack
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