Realistic Dispatch 1.4

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This is the Dispatch.meta that I edited myself and it works nice in game. Realistic Dispatch times and thresholds. I made the response times longer in the dispatch.meta along with altering the wanted level thresholds. It will take longer for 2 stars police and a police helicopter to arrive.

Works great with:

-Eddim's "arrest warrant" mod.
-"Pull me over" cop mod.
-"you can't hit me" accuracy mod.
-"Cop Arrest(IV Style)" mod.
-"Cops: Back on the beat 2.0" mod.

To install: Drag and drop Dispatch.meta to Mods>Update>Update>Common>Data

-Change log 1.4: Re did the evasion times(Longer again) to make it way more realistic.(Once a helicopter finds you, it's a challenge to get away!). Also might be the final edit.
-Change log 1.3: cut down evasion times and made it more realistic
-Change log 1.2: Added female cops, new police buffalo spawns, longer more realistic evasion times!
-Change log 1.1: New realistic thresholds(longer). Longer evasion times and bigger, more realistic radius.
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