PostFXOff 10.2_Hotfix


README of Doom: cleaned up and simplified.

Enjoy a cleaner and less annoying gaming experience.

Less cinematic and more easy on the eyes.

OpenIV required to place contents of GTA V mod in your update.rpf file.

Disables / Removes the following PostFX:

- Depth of Field / Distance Blur / Screen Blur
- Explosion Blur
- General Lens Flares + Extra ones
- Fish Eye Effect (noticable on doors at times)
- Chromatic Aberration
- Rampage Screen Effects (clear view to match normal gameplay)
- Drunk / Drug Effects
- Vignette
- Pause / Map screen effects
- Character Switching screen effects
- Helmet screen tint (with it on, makes screen look darker / slightly off colour)
- Bloom
- Death screen effects
- Lens Artifacts
- Noise
- Filmic
- Colour Grading / Desaturation
- Haze (fog still exists, the haze reduced draw distance to hide low details from afar as did blur)


disable cutscene postfx (still haven't worked out how to remove that...)

Mod also includes a postfx off mod for the following R* Games as a bonus.

- Grand Theft Auto Vice City (removes water spots on screen)
- Grand Theft Auto San Andreas (can't remember what it removes :P)
- Grand Theft Auto IV / EFLC (removes things such as rain spots on screen)
- *NEW* Max Payne 3 (recommended as it makes the game so much easier on the eyes without all the cinematic bs, trust me, it's like a fresh experience)
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