Truth (NVE + FiveM) Reshade Preset Pack V.4



Truth Reshade (NVE & FiveM) Preset Pack

All Screenshots were taken by Me

Feel Free to give your Feedback in the Comments or in the Discord Server Down Below

These Presets were made with NVE (NVE Only)

There is 3 Reshade Presets for NVE feel free to contact me if you have any questions

Discord Server

This is the Discord Server For Suggestions & everything for Truth Preset https://discord.gg/egnfTetf5S

Installation Process

1. Install mose recent update of Reshade.

2. Run the Reshade.exe & make sure that u check mark everything when installing it.

3. Make a "preset" Folder in your Gta V Directory & drag and drop the preset u selected in there (Just the .ini not the Picture).

Presets Available In The Pack

1. Truth Preset NVE (Realistic): (Adds Realism to NVE with Custom Coloring)

2. Truth Preset NVE (Filmic): (Adds a Filmic Vibe to NVE)

3. Truth Preset NVE (Chill): (Adds Blue Tint w/ clean coloring & lighting)

4. Truth Preset NVE & FiveM (Western Style): (Adds a Vintage Clean Look To FiveM)

5. Truth Preset NVE & FiveM (Vibe): (Vibrant & Sharpened Look to FiveM)

6. Truth Preset NVE & FiveM (Real): (Close To Real LIfe Lighting & Coloring)

7. Truth Preset NVE & FiveM (PhotoReal): (Realistic Lighting & Bloom)

8. Truth Preset NVE & FiveM (TrueNature): (Makes Nature Pop Out More Colorful)

9. Truth Preset NVE & FiveM (TrueAmbience): (Colorful & Clean Lighting)

10. Truth Presets NVE & FiveM (RadiantReality): (Clean Colring)

11. Truth Presets NVE & FiveM (Instagram): (It's like a Instagram Filter)

12. Truth Presets NVE & FiveM (PureVisuals): (All About The Visuals!!)

Update Log:

    - (V.1) First Version (Realistic, Filmic & Chill Reshade Presets)

    - (V.2) Second Version NVE (FiveM Compatability Preset)

    - (V.3) Third Version NVE (3 New FiveM Presets)

    - (V.4) Fourth Version NVE (3 New FiveM Presets) >

    I'm not at fault if your game crashes Feel free to DM on Discord @ Awesome1eliYT7105 if you have any questions!

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