Vibrance V Realism Project 2.0 THE OVERHAUL


Here it is Guys! My New ENB/ReShade Preset, along with custom written Timecycles and Weather FX. This was to overall recreate the colorful L.A. without bleaching out the game like other mods.There are no texture glithes, and framerate drops by 5 fps at max. Feel free to make videos. If you have any screenshots, email them to me at devinkanmods@icloud.com.

-Darker Nights
-Better Fire
-Realistic Reflections
-Rewritten ENB and ReShade
-Real Moon & Stars
-Toned down the saturation a little bit for realism

-Rewritten Weather
-Rewritten Timecycles
-Custom ReShade & ENB
-4K Bokeh
-4K Fire
-Brighter Sky & Darker Nights
-Realistic Emergency Lighting (that doesn't blind you)
-Better Rain
-Realistic Reflections
-Real Moon & Stars

1. Download ReShade at: http://www.mediafire.com/download/qzt57592861g1fv/ReShade+1.1.0f1.7z
2. Download ENBSeries at: http://enbdev.com/mod_gta5_v0275.htm
3. Copy and overwrite the ENBSeries and ReShade folders with mine. Also copy over all the dll files.
4. Navigate to x64a.rpf/textures/ and replace graphics_pc.ytd
5. Navigate to update/update.rpf/common/data, and replace visualsettings.dat. Also overwrite the contents of the levels/gta5 and timecycle folders.

-ReShade: crosire
-ENBSeries: Boris Vornotsov
-Bokeh & Fire: playduck (used w/ perms)
-Some Screenshots by Himura

Reccomended Mods (Install all BEFORE install VibranceV)
-L.A. Roads
-World of Variety
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