Winter in GTA V 'Complete' (BETA) [OIV]) 3.0



WINTER IN GTA V 'COMPLETE' (BETA) ('All-in-One' OIV Packages) v3.0


This is a mod that transforms gta v into a wintry wonderland. This is not just another "snow" mod! This one brings you "All-In-One" features missing from other mods that are just centered into one specific feature. This mod includes everything "winter" in one lump sum! In my mod you will get all the features that are supposed to be in a "Winter" mod and some, all in two convenient oiv packages ("uninstall" oiv's included). You'll get:

- Beautiful "Winter" scenes at loading screen (replaced the default ones with Winter pics)

- Better enhancements on snow flakes (Bigger flakes, snow squals. Better precipitation)

- Realistic snow tracks from vehicles and footprints on snow. You'll see vehicles spraying off snow off the back wheels and your own footprints on the snow

- Vehicles have visible frost on windows. You will see frost on not only windshields but, back windows and most cars will also have visible frost on side windows as well.

- Most cars show a ring of snow on the tires (see demo pics for close-ups). This adds a more realistic wintry look to the cars

- This mod creates winter weather cycles. You will experience winter weather cycles like in real life. Some of the weather cycles include: periods of heavy snow, periods of light snow and some periods with NO snow, just like in a typical real life winter season. Also once in a while you may get an actual blizzard (I set this to occur very rarely so blizzards won't happen very often). You will also get periods of heavy fog from time to time as well.

- In this new 3.0 version, you will get everything included in v2.0, including the "North Yankton" snow-covered vehicles plus now more than 85-90% (200+) of vehicles in gtav will have snow on them. The majority of the vehicles driving around in the game will now have snow on them with the exception of a few. The amount of snow on cars varies, based on what type of car it is. I didn't put any snow on bicycles and motorcycles, obviously but, I will be adding snow to more cars in the near future and may also put snow on some boats and planes. These will be stand-alone "add-on" oiv packages.


- ScriptHookV 1.0.2189.0: https://www.gta5-mods.com/tools/script-hook-v
- Script Hook V .NET 3.1.0: https://www.gta5-mods.com/tools/scripthookv-net
- Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable (2015): https://www.microsoft.com/en-ca/download/details.aspx?id=48145
- Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable (2013): https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=40784
- Gameconfig LML 2189: https://www.lcpdfr.com/downloads/gta5mods/misc/24718-gameconfigxml-for-lml/
- Heap Limit Adjuster (650 MB of heap!) 1.0.0 by FiveM Systems Division : https://www.gta5-mods.com/tools/heap-limit-adjuster-600-mb-of-heap
- Packfile Limit Adjuster 1.1 by Unkown Modder: https://www.gta5-mods.com/tools/packfile-limit-adjuster

change log:

- Original upload
- Included:
- Winter loading screen images
- Enhanced snow
- Basic light frost on windshields only
- Realistic snow tracks from vehicles and footprints on snow
- (2x) main oiv packages, (1x) optional "Realistic winter weather cycle" oiv as an extra feature, (3x) "uninstall" oiv's

- Everything from v1.0 included
- All snow-covered "North Yankton" vehicles are included in this version with spawn list
- Major enhancements on windows frost. Now you can see frost on windshields, back windows and side windows of most cars
- Added ring of snow on the tires of all vehicles (see demo pics for close-ups).
- I included the "Winter_Weather_Cycles" feature in the installation #1 so now you don't have to install a third separate oiv package. Now you only have to install the #1 and the #2 packages.

- Everything from v2.0 included
- Now more than 85-90% (200+) of vehicles in gtav have snow on them. NOTE: I will be creating small, stand-alone, add-on, oiv packages which will add more vehicles with snow on them in the near future.
- If you like realism, like I do, I included an extra optional oiv which makes the roads a bit more slippery, as in real life in winter. If you decide to install this extra package keep in mind driving rear-wheel drive and other vehicles not suitable for snow will be a bit of a challenge, specially if you've being chased by the cops. Driving 4x4 vehichles are highly advisable if you're planning on installing this extra optional package. Also, from time to time, you will see accidents on the roads, like cars rear-ending other cars and losing control but, not overwhelmingly chaotic, just like it happens in a typical real life winter. I personally recommend installing this extra option but, if you install it and then later you wish to uninstall it afterwards, I included an "uninstall" oiv for this.


1. CHECK THE LIST OF VEHICLES IN THE READ_ME TO SEE WHICH VEHICLES WILL HAVE SNOW ON. IF YOU HAVE ANY OF THOSE VEHICLES MODDED WITH YOUR OWN MOD YOU WILL NEED TO RE-INSTALL IT. If you have any modded vehicles of your own in your game that are part of the vehicles in the list then you will need to reinstall that vehicle after you install this mod otherwise it's gonna be replaced with the same vehicle with snow on it.

2. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND A SOLID GRAPHICS CARD FOR THIS. THERE IS A REASON WHY I UPLOADED THIS VERSION AS A "BETA" VERSION. I tested this upgrade in two different computers, one low-to-mid end and one high-end pc with a good graphics card and there were some texture and artifacting issues with the low-to-mid end pc. With my other high-end pc those issues were a lot less. So if you're considering installing this new version, make sure you have a good graphics card installed in your rig, otherwise you may experience some texture issues, some artifacting and fps drops.

3. THERE IS ALSO A MILLISECOND DELAY ON THE SNOW ON THE CARS. The snow on the cars may or may not be visible from a distance or if you're far away but, as soon as you get close to vehicles, either parked or on-coming vehicles, the snow appears on them. The reason why that happens is because I didn't welded the snow to the components of the cars in zmodeler. I only added the snow to hoods, roofs and trunks without permanently welding the snow patches to the cars to make it easier to edit and if neeed to rotate or move around the snow patches.

4. YOU WILL ALSO NEED A STRONG GAMECONFIG FOR THIS VERSION! Normally I would recommend any modified gameconfig but, for this v3 version I highly recommend a special gameconfig I use from dilapidated which you can download at the lcpdfr.com site (See link above)

5. REFRESH YOUR DESKTOP AFTER INSTALLATION BEFORE LAUNCHING THE GAME! This is a big mod and it makes alot of sudden changes in the game, specially in the x64e.rpf archive. Your game may crash if you install this package and immediately launch the game without refreshing your desktop so make sure to refresh your desktop a couple of times after installing the mod before launching the game.

6. If you decide to uninstall everything, use the "uninstall" packages provided. Those will restore all your vehicles and other files back to normal.


1. First make sure you have all the pre-requisite files installed (See requirements above) and read the important information above.

2. Go to "Package Installer" in OpenIV and install the two main oiv packages the "WINTER_v3.0_INSTALLATION_#1" and "WINTER_v3.0_INSTALLATION_#2". #1 goes in 'mods' folder and #2 goes in the main game's folder. If you want to uninstall and restore your files back to normal you must install both "Uninstall" packages included together.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Some trainers like simple trainer and native trainer may have wind disabled by default. Once you're in the game make sure "wind" is enabled in your trainer. Go to your trainer and go to "weather" and make sure "wind" is enabled. If you don't enable wind then the #2 oiv package won't work properly.



This is the MAIN oiv package you need to install along with WINTER_v3.0_INSTALLATION_#2. Install this one in the 'mods' folder! NOT IN THE ROOT FOLDER!This package installs most of the main files relating to loading screen images, North Yankton vehicles and the other snow-covered vehicles, Window frost, materials data and other stuff.


This is the SECOND oiv package you need to install along with the main WINTER_v3.0_INSTALLATION_#1. This one goes in the game's "root" folder NOT IN THE 'mods' folder! This package adds other necessary stuff relating to snow.


Each oiv installation has its own "uninstall" oiv so If you want to revert all changes back to original default files you need to install both #1 & #2 "uninstall" oiv's. As long as R* doesn't relocate files within a new patch upgrade all "uninstall" oiv's will restore all your files back to normal just fine.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Once you've uninstalled everything you will notice that there
may still be snowing in the game, all you gotta do is go to your trainer, either Simple Trainer, Menyoo or whatever trainer you have and just change the weather to something other than snow and that will stop the snow.


I will be creating small, stand-alone, add-on, oiv packages which will add more cars with snow on them, in the near future. Also I may add snow to some boats and planes as well. Be on a lookout for that soon.


If you liked this mod or any mods I've uploaded or will upload here and feel generous to donate a little bit feel free to do so. Donations DO HELP A LOT! A small donation definitely goes a long way and will definitely motivate me even more and spend even more time on developing interesting mods for gta5. I don't have a Patreon account but, you can donate to JAM102970 at PayPal link above. Thank You!
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