Police Livery Fix 1.0

2d4701 police livery 1
2d4701 police livery 2


This mod adds the 'police new2' livery from 'vehshare.ytd' to every police vehicle that was using it
(in the vanilla version their files are sort of linked to the 'police new2' in 'vehshare.ytd').

List of vehicles using it:
Police Cruiser (police)
Police Buffalo (police2)
Police Interceptor (police3)
Police Transporter (policet)
Police Bike (policeb)
Police Predator (predator)

The reason I created this mod is to make it a separate download in case one of my other mods starts causing texture/livery issues on the vanilla police vehicles (texture/livery bugging out).

Incomplete versions of these files were included in 'Declasse Police SUV [Add-On]' and 'Wanted System Enhancement: Revamped'. (FILES REMOVED FROM THOSE MODS)

2 types of livery packs are included:
- Obey and Survive
- Police

Obey and Survive
- Vanilla livery

- Replaces the Obey and Survive in the livery texture file with POLICE.
(Only for the Police Cruiser and Police Buffalo)

Always install mods in your mods folder.
Never edit vanilla files outside your mods folder.
Issues will then only be inside the mods folder (you can always replace modded files with vanilla files).

You may edit the files.
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