Real Nevada License Plates Pack [Addon & Replace] 1.3


Pack of real Nevada licence plates for GTA V

This pack comes in addon and replace. You can choose if replace all San Andreas and Yankton plates and replace them with real Nevada plates or keep them and add plates from Nevada as extra. All plates have a 2022 expiration sticker.


Nevada 150th Anniversary (2013-2016)
Nevada Agriculture
Nevada Air Force Thunderbirds (2013-2014)
Nevada Animal Appreciation
Nevada Bighorns (1983-2000)
Nevada Blue (1969-1983)
Nevada Carpenters (2007-2009)
Nevada Citizenship Project
Nevada City of Reno (2016-2017)
Nevada Commemorative (1989-1990)
Nevada Desert Conservation
Nevada Fallen Military
Nevada Great Reno Baloon Race (2017-2018)
Nevada Heritage of Sparks (2017-2019)
Nevada Hoover Dam
Nevada Horse Power (2007-2018)
Nevada Hot August Nights (2007-2021)
Nevada Lake Tahoe
Nevada Las Vegas Centennial
Nevada Las Vegas Federal Lands (2005-2013)
Nevada Libraries (2005-2006)
Nevada Bighorns Unlimited
Nevada Health Centers
Nevada Test Site
Nevada Organ Donor
Nevada Raiders
Nevada Red Rock Canyon
Nevada Reno Air Races
Nevada Rodeo
Nevada Search & Rescue (2008-2009)
Nevada Share the Road (2014-2016)
Nevada Standard (2016-current series)
Nevada Sunset (2001-2017)
Nevada Support Wildlife
Nevada United We Stand
Nevada UNLV Collegiate
Nevada UNR Collegiate
Nevada Virginia & Truckee Railroad
Nevada Virginia Range Mustangs (2019-2021)
Nevada Volunteer Firefighter (2007-2019)
Nevada Women's Suffrage (2020-2021)

Version 1.3


Nevada Autism (2018-2021)
Nevada Mt. Charleston
Nevada Opportunity Village

Updated stickers to 2024

Version 1.2


Nevada Airport Managers (2013-2014)
Nevada Forever Strong
Nevada March of Dimes (2013-2014)

Version 1.1

Updated stickers to 2023


Nevada Conserve Wildlife
Nevada Electric Vehicle
Nevada Golden Knights
Nevada Golden Rule
Nevada Henderson (2019-2021)
Nevada STEM Education


Extract the contents of this package to a convenient location of your choice such as the desktop.

For VEHSHARE.ytd : Using OpenIV in Edit Mode, navigate to GTA V\update\x64\dlcpacks\patch2023_01\dlc\x64\levels\gta5\vehicles and replace vehshare.ytd with the one provided in this pack (It adds extra plates, no texture will be replaced)

For CARCOLS.ymt: Using OpenIV in Edit Mode, navigate to GTA V\update\update.rpf\x64\data and replace carcols.ymt with the one provided in this pack.


For older versions of the game (pre-2023) the installation of the VEHSHARE.ytd follows these paths (pick one according to your game version):

GTA V\x64e.rpf\levels\gta5\vehicles.rpf and replace vehshare.ytd

Or after 1.61

GTA V\mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\patchday27ng\dlc.rpf\x64\levels\gta5\vehicles.rpf\vehshare.ytd

A backup before to install this package is highly recommended


The correct number sequence showed in the screenshots is made by a trainer. All the plates will spawn with 8 digits vanilla sequence. It would be possibile to spawn intraffic the correct sequence for all states with a script (such as License Plate Changer for California plates by Leftas) but such script doesn't exist yet and my knowledges of .NET/C# language is pratically zero. If somebody likes my pack and wants to add realism to the game with a correct plate sequence making a script that would fix them, I would be glad to collaborate with him

Please respect my work, don't reupload or edit this mod!
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