Batman Arkham Knight Character Mod Pack 1.0


Batman Arkham knight character mod pack author: fungfung879 AKA fungcomet

First of all, thanks to JulioNIB who gave us a fantastic framework for us to do model swapping, Sticklove for porting Arkham Knight model and XNASyndicate for porting the Batman v8.04 model. And also a big thank to yabatou1985 for teaching me some techniques of 3D model editing, I definitely couldn't make this mod without his teaching.

- Batman v8.04 3d Model ported by XNASyndicate
- Arkham Knight 3d Model ported by Sticklove

*Properties of Rocksteady Studios and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

In order to use this mod,you need to install JulioNIB's Ironman Script first.

- JulioNIB's Facebook Page
- JulioNIB's YouTube Channel

This mod lets Michael be Batman and Trevor be Arkham Knight.

My idea is based on the original GTA V story. After Trevor found out Michael was still alive, abandoning him and Brad, team up with a kid to fight crimes in Los Santos. Trevor spent all of his money that he earned from his drug business to hire a private army and buy weapons and armor. Hiding his identity, attacking Los Santos with his army, preparing to take revenge on the guy who abandoned him!

After installing JulioNIB's Ironman Script, using OpenIV, copy all the files in armor parts from the .rar to your mod/x64g/level/generic/cutsobjects.rpf
put the file in "IronmanV Files" folder into the "armors" folder you have installed.

Texture for michael: go to x64v.rpf > models > cdimages > streamedpeds_players.rpf > player_zero
click edit mode then drag the file from the rar.

Texture for Trevor: go to x64v.rpf > models > cdimages > streamedpeds_players.rpf > player_two
click edit mode then drag the file from the rar.

It is the same with the original one,just open the iron man script menu,select the one you want to use but after changing the model,you will see the clothes protrude form the character. You need to use any kind of trainer or tools with function of changing character's appearances in order to get it fit the character.
*just follow the instruction in the "appearance.txt".

Or you may find out some of the armor parts are lost,in this case,just simply restart the script(press "Insert" key on your keyboard)select the model again,the problem should have solved.

If you want to disable iron man's power,also just simply press the "Insert" key on your keyboard to restart the script,after restarting the script,
all of your powers will have gone,but your model parts will still on your character.

If you experience any problems,feel free to ask in the comment section.
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