Civil War Winter Soldier Improved


Firstly download Barak101’s Winter Soldier.

Ladies and gentlemen. And trolls.
The Spud most proudly presents to you all, the greatly improved Civil War Winter Soldier.

  • A snazzy black leather jacket for the cold and general badassery
  • A dope mask so people can’t experience your fresh breath
  • A state-of-the-art prosthetic arm that doesn’t look like tinfoil
  • Many more exciting details for your eyes to behold…

    Who the hell is Bucky.

    Did you love this comb?
    Donald is Trump and I need benjamins to Save the Whales. So put a lump sum into my account here.

    If you respect the time and effort I put into these mods and plan to make a video involving it, please credit Spud.
    DO NOT re-upload this mod without my permission.
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