Enhanced Packie McReary

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Packie is back! He lay down for three years (2013 - 2016) and now he's living the american dream in LS.

It always maked me angry that i can't modify Packie and his clothes in hc_gunman, Packie always wear gloves, and when i modify all the characters files from hc_gunman, all the changes i made never appears in game.

So... I exported some necessary files from hc_gunman and imported to mp_fibsec_01, then i enter to the game and guess what... The mod works!!

What includes:

Packie's V outfit (Including one extra texture for legs and jacket).
Packie's IV suit.
Packie's bank job accesories.

Next uptade coming in a few hours :)

1.-Go to x64v/models/cdimages/speds_mp/mp_fibsec_01.
2.-Delete all the files inside the folder and import my files.
3.-You're ready to play! :)

When walking there will be an annoying sound like Packie is wearing something heavy, to delete that song just change the clothes using a trainer:

Beard: 2
Feet: 2

Make backups before installing! :)
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