New Body for MP Female Characters (w/ breast physics and more) 1.0


This mod comes with two torsos for mp female characters, both of which have been modified substantially (higher poly count, 4K textures and topology adjustments for the body and the bones).

The first body (torso-14), comes with slightly bigger 'features'. It was made to be realistic and it supports breast physics (jiggles).
The second body (torso-15), however, does not support breast physics and was made for the purpose of fitting in the vanilla outfits.
Both of these torsos support vanilla tattoos and different skin colors from all the races.

As of the new update for the game (which was released on 15th December), for the single player users, the script hook needs to get updated in order for the trainers such as Meynoo, etc. to work so please be patient

[Single player]:
The download file comes with a single dlc.rpf inside a folder called "mp_female_nude".
If you don't have a "mods" folder in your "Grand Theft Auto V", make one and then create a chain of folders so that the hierarchy of your folders would look something like this:

X:\...\Grand Theft Auto V \mods\update\dlcpacks

Now drag and drop the "mp_female_nude" folder into the dlcpacks.

Also make a copy of the "update.rpf" from your "\Grand Theft Auto V \update" folder and paste it inside "Grand Theft Auto V \mods\update"

For the last part you're gonna need OpenIV or any similar software for editing the in game files.
Open OpenIV and dont forget to click on edit mode (top right corner). Then navigate to "update.rpf" inside "Grand Theft Auto V \mods\update".
From there go to "common" then "data" and find the file "dlclist.xml". Now right click on the file and press 'edit'.

There you would see a list of items. Copy and paste one of the lines and make sure to edit it so it would include " dlcpacks:/mp_female_nude/ " instead.

save it and you're almost done.
In OpenIV, click on 'tools' from the top toolbar, then click on 'ASI Manager' and install OpenIv.ASI

Drag and drop the "mp_female_nude" inside "\user_resources\global\game_resources\dlcpacks"

All the files have been already fixed with Archivefix.

Please do not upload the files to any other website or use them in your personal projects or commercial/monetized purposes.
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