RHL T-Shirt Pack for Franklin

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No longer is rioting over hockey games a Canadian tradition, now you can bring the anger home! This pack includes five new Rockstar Hockey League shirts for Franklin. Represent the Liberty City Americans, Vice City Gators, Los Santos Kings, or the RHL as a whole.

These shirts are built tough, built to withstand hard hits and baton strikes! Don't worry about blood stains, these babies are machine washable. After the game tip a few trashcans over, punch a few cops, throw your shirt in the washing machine and it'll be nice and clean for work tomorrow. Keep your face covered and CCTV won't be able to identify you in the crowds!

Huge thanks to Dave Delisle from http://davesgeekyhockey.com/ for his LC Americans, VC Gators, and RHL designs. Your work is amazing!

LS Kings logo is property of Rockstar North
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