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I forgot I had thise account. I only remembered the password now so whatever I'm uploading the rest I haven't uploaded. I'm just uploading these for archival purposes.
For one reason or another I haven't uploaded these, so don't expect much. This isn't really some formal return post.
I'll also put up an archive of some of my other stuff that I haven't bothered to upload on my mega.nz on my profile, it's dead but I'll upload something later (coom mods, other vidya mods.)

For now this mod includes:
Military Berill
CS Analog
Ghost/Wolf/Marked One
HD Sunrise
Sunrise GP5 (Anomaly, I think.)
Sunrise Old (The one from SOC)
Sunrise Face (Normal ones with the balaclava and stuff)

A lot I think, I don't know. I don't have GTA 5 to check right now.

Use Addon-Peds (https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/addonpeds-asi-pedselector)
, Or simply replace a existing ped.
I'm assuming it still works. If not then find another ped addon I guess.

GSC Game World

Anyways good luck on your endavours everyone, make the best out of the life. I'm done for now.
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