The Fullmetal Alchemist

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You need the ironman scripts and stuff with this mod. uuuuhhh yall should know the requirements cuz I don't even remember that stuffs. if you've installed the ironman armors before you know where it goes. This is the last gta v mod done by jdw7440 cause hella ppls was always talkin shit bout his free work that he shared for freeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!! cause the didn't like the ironman script. doesn't really fit the game but ppls be putting other weird shit too. 100% credit for this mod goes to jdw7440 it was all him I just shared it cause yall be sharing shit. love yall mawfuckas. Works better with jedijoshs stance mod.

INSTALLATION: armors go in gtav/mods/x64g.rpf/levels/gta5/generic/cutsobjects.rpf. Now when u spawn cars outta thin air u could say that shit was alchemy. ya and rate it outta 5 cuz u kno that's what it deserves : p. Have fun
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