Trevor - All Cleaned Up 1.4


1.4Added optional; hands with no tattoos and cuts.

1.3 Cleaned up the arms on the T.P.I shirts.

1.2 Added textures for every single shirt that shows his arms/body and fixed them up as well. Yes EVERY SINGLE TEXTURE for EVERY SINGLE SHIRT that shows the arms and body. And fixed the hand normals so the tattoos aren't protruting off the hand.

This cleans up all of Trevor's face textures and his hands(Optional file with no tattoos or cuts) and every single shirt texture that shows his arms and his body e.g gets rid of all the sores and cuts and i got rid of the "cut here" tattoo (just 5 edgy 3 me) But the bird tattoo on the underside of his jaw is still there.

Also if anybody wants all the scaring gone (ive gotten rid of them in textures but not in normal maps so it just looks like they've healed) i can work on the normal maps and get rid of those too.

The screenshots are only taken with very high textures and everything mostly set to normal so in game it will look much better if you have max/high settings.

Extract all of the files into here (except the files in mppatchesng and mpheist):

Extract the files from the mppatchesng folder into here:

Extract the files from the mpheist folder into here: gta5\mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\mpheist\dlc.rpf\x64\models\cdimages\trevor_outfits.rpf\player_two_trevor_heist

New jeans for trevor

Enhanced Trevor/Clean Clothes for Trevor
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