Animal Ark Shelter 1.3


New Rockstar-Like DLC with innovative menus and more to make it feel like an official Pet DLC!

Place AnimalArkShelter.dll, AnimalArkShelter.ini into your "scripts" folder. You will need Script Hook V and .NET Script Hook and NativeUI.


J - Open Pet Interaction Menu

The control can be edited via the .ini file and the interaction menu only opens when you have a pet.

Animal Ark is now open and ready for business! With this mod, you can go to the once abandoned Animal Ark Pet Store, which will be a new location on your map, and buy a pet. Once you buy a pet, you will be granted access to a new interaction menu called the, "Pet Interaction Menu", which will allow you to do certain things with your pet, such as making them attack a nearby pedestrian, teleport to you, and much more which will be added in future updates. If you have a pet and revisit the store, you can buy them snacks to heal or donate them back.

- Initial Release.

- Fixed Pet Interaction Menu opening while in the pet store.
- New design for Pet Interaction Menu.
- New passenger option when in vehicle for Pet Interaction Menu.
- Fixed health going over 200 in the Pet Store (Thanks to ZyDevs for help).
- Fixed pet running away or floating in the air when in the pet store.
- Checking Pet Health in the Pet Interaction Menu will not be a long notification anymore.
- Added two new pets: Mountain Lion and coyote.
- Removed Attack Nearest Pedestrian until fixed in future.

- Added pet invincibility cheat.
- Included latest NativeUI (1.3.1).

- Remove Cheat Codes.
- Removed Megaphone when Wanted.
- Removed Shopkeeper random talking.
- Rewrote code.
- Fixed/Readded Attack Nearest Pedestrian Command.
- Added Play Catch.
- Added Sitting Animation in Car.
- Added naming your pet.
- Added health bar for pet.
- Fixed Controller.

Guad - NativeUI/Testing
ZyDevs - Some help

Please do report bugs and issues! I also take recommendations on what to add.

Inspired from http://www.gta.wikia.com/Animal_Ark
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