Coastal Callouts [LML, RPH, LSPDFR] - DLC with coast guard boats, helicopters, planes, and maps + script with helicopter hoist, boat towing, missions, and more 1.0


DOWNLOAD THROUGH LCPDFR.COM. The download file here is just a dummy text file with the same link, because the files are too large for gta5-mods.com.

Welcome to Coastal Callouts, an add-on to the police simulation mod LSPDFR. More than just a callout pack, this mod features a massive DLC with new boats, helicopters, planes, buildings, peds, maps, and other game changes, includes new features like a throwable life preserver ring, working helicopter hoist, and cargo planes which can transport and air-drop equipment; over a dozen new callouts with nearly infinite possible variations; an AI copilot to fly your helicopter while you jump out the door into raging seas; and much much more. After nearly 3 years of development, the mod is finally available to everyone to play.

The DLC contents are loaded using Lenny's Mod Loader, a new tool to load game file modifications without needing to edit anything manually in OpenIV. The DLC is also available as FiveM resources.

Any support will be provided through the lcpdfr.com forums. I will not be actively monitoring the gta5-mods.com thread for support requests.
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First Uploaded: Venres 27 de Decembro de 2019
Last Updated: Venres 27 de Decembro de 2019
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Venres 27 de Decembro de 2019