Community Races 1.8

oldnapalm, Guadmaz


This is an update to Community Races by @Guadmaz, uploaded with author's permission.

How to create a race:

You need the latest Map Editor mod installed alongside this mod. In the map editor, go to Create Map for External Mod, and then Create a Community Race. Then follow the next steps:
  1. Place a ped - this will be your race trigger/marker.
  2. Place vehicles - these will be the race spawnpoints. Spawning different vehicle models adds them to the vehicle model pool.
  3. Place markers in order for your checkpoints. The type of marker doesn't matter. Don't place markers right at a curve, because the AI doesn't have time to react and will drive right past the curve.
  4. Place any objects you want, they'll be spawned in the race.
  5. Save the map, it should be saved in scripts/Races/yourmap.xml
  6. Open yourmap.xml with a text editor and edit the Name and Description tags.
  7. You're done! Restart the mod to play your race.


Version 1.8
  • Added option to set wanted level (probability and check interval can be set in config file)
  • Added option to use your own vehicle (approach the race trigger in a vehicle)
  • Added option to group blips
  • Added hotkey to turn on/off and group blips (optional, set in config file)

Version 1.7
  • Added option to respawn at last checkpoint (press F)
  • Added option to continue in the vehicle after finishing a race (press Esc)
  • Added option to place a bet

Version 1.6
  • Added radio station option in race menu
  • Added option to disable races blips in INI file
  • Updated Newtonsoft.Json

Version 1.5
  • Added Cayo Perico loader
  • Added teleport to marker key (F8)
  • Added opacity option for ghost (1 - 5)
  • Added collision option for ghost
  • Added secondary vehicle color option
  • Added props texture variation
  • Added money reward
  • Remember race settings

Version 1.4
  • Added ghost option (best time)
  • Added time trial option (no opponents)
  • Added races names in blips
  • Changed method for removing traffic (don't remove network players)
  • Changed rivals driving style
  • Updated to work with new versions of NativeUI and ScriptHookVDotNet

Source code: https://github.com/oldnapalm/CommunityRaces
Original mod: https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/community-races


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First Uploaded: Xoves 5 de Agosto de 2021
Last Updated: Martes 7 de Novembro de 2023
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