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A system that allow you to sorts normal money from dirty money.
Dirty money is money earned from illegal activities that you can't [obviously] claim as yours. This kind of money are usually hidden somewhere or they are given to a "launderer" that convert it into a legitimate source.

put the dll the pdb and the folder in your script folder



A script check if your money decreased, if it is so, script assumes you are paying something so you where asked if you want to pay with dirty or vanilla money.

When you can't pay with dirty money:
  • Bail/Hospital payment when busted or killed.
  • Buying a properties (Vanilla, Pitchers, Tivoli Cinema...)
  • Buying weapons or ammo at an ammunation

A script check if you have gained some vanilla money, if it is so, then you where asked if that money are dirty or vanilla so you can decide where to put it. (Basically used for other mods compatibility, see below for more details)

When you aren't asked to convert:
  • Buyable properties earnings like Pitchers or Weed Shop.

Some kind of earnings are directly considerate dirty money, here's the list:
  • Money picked up from dead bodies.
  • Money earned from 24/7 robberies.
  • Money from Groupe6 assault.

With this mod you can also store your dirty money where you want.
Once you opened the menu and chosen "Store Dirty Money" you are about to create a "storing point". You can choose the storing point prop (duffle bag, money bag, money pack and big crate full of money) and his position, you can retrieve or add money or delete the storing point.
Also added two new prop, a grave and dirt, to bury your dirty money deep in the Paleto forest or in the cemetery.

see my other mod The Laundromat

Since both scripts check your money value, the mod are basically compatible with any mods that add or remove vanilla money from your character.
For those interested, here is a guide to use some public function if you want add full compatibility like @danistheman262 do for is mod Fleeca Bank Heists

Tab = check dirty money ammount
K = open menu

If you die, you lose all the dirty money that you were carrying.
Keys configurable via the ini file inside DirtyMoney folder.
Some function can be activated/deactivated from the ini file.

- Solved a bug in Vanilla_To_Dirty script, now money picked up on the street are automatically considered dirty. NOTE: working only for story mod character or using Character Swap.
- Added auto_convert option in DirtyMoney Folder/Option.ini. With this option set to TRUE, any kind of earnings (excepted properties earnings) are automatically considered dirty money without asking anything. Keep in mind that this apply also to money gained from other mods/trainer, with that said, the only way to earn clean money is through properties or The Laundromat guy.
- Purchases made via internet doesn't trigger the possibility to pay with dirty money anymore.
- Resolved a bug where sometimes the amount of dirty money on you didn't save correctly causing the script to crash thanks to @loginos

- Reworked how the script check which character is playing. Now it is checking player's ped model so, every time you change model the script switch between: FRANKLIN - MICHAEL - TREVOR - MPMALE - MPFEMALE - OTHER, where OTHER are all other kind of ped model like Addon peds, animals, cop, etc... So, if you for example change to a cop or a custom ped, your wallet and stash tags in DirtyMoney folder > DirtyMoney.xml will be saved under OTHER, but if you use character swap and select Franklin, then they will be saved under FRANKLIN and so on.
- Added a notification that pop-up every time you change your ped model.
- Removed the temporary workaround option in the Dirty Money Menu.
- ATTENTION DirtyMoney.xml has changed, copy/edit new tags in the old one or just paste wallet values and stash tag (the lines with id="1" coords="....) in the new one.

- make all money received as dirty money automatically

- Redone some code due to LemonUI update
- Temporary workaround for Character Swap/Similar mods users. Now in the dirty money menu you have a new button called: "Character check". Press it after you have changed your character and changed model hash and the mod should work properly
- WARNING DirtyMoney.xml has changed.
for manual editing of DirtyMoney.xml copy and paste the text just after: < / MPCHAR >

- Resolved a bug where you don't loose dirty money after death/busting (thanks to @Itzhak880)
- I wasn't satisfied by the two new scripts, so I have rewritten in a more logic and simple way. Now money usable for healthcare should be vanilla only.
- Now you don't get asked to convert to dirty money when receiving properties earnings (Weed Shop, Tivoli Cinema, Pitchers...)

- Changed from SHVDN2 to SHVDN3
- I noticed I'have never mention as a requirement .NET Framework 4.8 and Visual C 2015 . Mod description updated

- [EXPERIMENTAL] A new script check if your vanilla money has decreased. If it is so, the script assumes you are paying something so a help text will appear asking if you want to pay with dirty money. You have approximately 8 second to press Y/N (keys configurable in ini file). After 8 seconds (you can adjust the timer duration in the ini file) if you haven't press any key, the help text disappear and the transaction will be automatically considered done with vanilla money, otherwise, you get back the vanilla money and the same amount will be deducted from your dirty money.
For realism, money spent on busted (bail/hospital), property and ammunation, are excluded.
You can deactivate the script by setting "pay_dirty" to false in the ini file.
- [EXPERIMENTAL] A new script check if your money has increased. If it is so, then a help text will appear asking if you want to convert that money in dirty money. You have approximately 8 second to press Y/N (keys configurable in ini file). After 8 seconds (you can adjust the timer duration in the ini file) if you haven't press any key, the help text disappear and the money will be automatically considered as vanilla money.
You can deactivate the script by setting select_money_destination to false in the ini file.
- The script that automatically consider money picked up from dead bodies, groupe6 money bag and 24/7 robberies as dirty money can now be deactivated from ini file setting "vanilla_to_dirty" to false

Known bugs:
medical care cost when busted still can be payed with dirty money

- reworked some code
- reworked how store prop id was assigned
- as of LemonUI update, now store prop description appear in the right place
- Firtst attempt on compatibility with different peds

- reworked all LemonUI menu update call in a more accurate way
- fixed an error in store menu about amount of money player are carrying (that almost drive me crazy)
- fixed a bug where if switching to Trevor the script crash
- added animation to store money (in future update, when script are more stable, I will work on a total revamp)
- added more check to storing prop spawning at startup, if they don't spawn, reload the script.

- fixed a bug on vanilla money to dirty money after switch character
- added animation to grab all
- reworked some code
- added function to get called for compatibility with other mods

- added separator for money so it's no longer $1234567 but $1.234.567
- reworked char switching control
- reworked object spawning on load game
- view dirty money wallet also in interior
- reworked wallet amount view system
- renamed ini file to Option.ini
- money pickup (dead money, groupe6 money bag...) now count as dirty money
- money from 24/7 robberies count as dirty money
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