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NEW FEATURES in Version 2.1
Vehicle Swap feature added - Swap any vehicle on the world into Add-On vehicle with ease! I just had all the police vehicle swap into a firetruck for fun LOL XD
And...you can now have your cars only spawn at a specific location from now on :D
And last...I also make a simple tool for you to modify the xml file with simple user interface, you can thank me later.

This mod spawns DLC vehicles to traffic.
This mod also supports Add-On vehicles too!

- Latest ScriptHookV
- Latest Community Script Hook V .NET
- Visual C++ Redistributable Packages x64
- Latest Microsoft .NET Framework according to SHVDN

Read readme.txt

Read readme.txt

- Fixed Missing Observatory, Burton and Gallileo Park in spawn zone.
- Fixed sometimes driver spawn as animal.
- Updated Global to support latest GTAV update.
- Seperate Fort Zancudo into it's own zone.
- Added option to disable neon upgrade.
- Added option to disable Parked vehicle spawn. (for Potato PC only)
- Added a few missing models from existing game DLC, mostly are Army vehicles.
- Added Nitro upgrade if Nitro For All Vehicle mod was installed.
- Added Script paused if maximum of vehicle spawns on map.
- Splitted the Parking Coordinates into it's own zone, hopefully it will increase performance issues.
- Improved Parked vehicle spawn, no more pop-up infront of you.
- Other bugs fixes and improvements.

- Fixed Spawned police officers don't have weapon and armour.
- Moved Richman, Richman Glen, Golf, Rockford Hills and Vinewood Hills from Los Santos Zone to Vinewood Zone.
- Fixed Random vehicles without driver shows up middle of the street.
- Added Random Wheel option for vehicle upgrade.
- Added Parked Car spawn.
- Removed Vehicle spawn behind.
- Settings Tool Update:
- Added Shortcut Buttons for those who can't figure out how to add/edit/delete vehicles.
- Model List Group starts up collapsed.
- Model List now shows how many model is in Group.
- Added a complete Zone Map, just click on the '?' button.

- Fixed transparent vehicle bug.
- Added more traffic flow type.
- Added vehicle swap function.
- Added vehicle category by location.
- Added UI Editor.

- Added RoadType options: AsphaltRoad, SimplePath, UnderTheMap and Water.
- Script will now remove glitched peds.
- Fixed traffic suddenly pops-up infront of you when you drive very fast.
- Script now spawns traffic in every directions, previously only in front.
- Script will not remove your current vehicle when Reload().
- Settings automatically refresh when you save AddedTraffic.xml.
- Other bugs fixes and improvements.

- Fixed another crash cause by SHVDN.
- Fixed a typo error cause tailgater failed to spawn.
- Added Police car will now spawn a police driver.

- Fixed a crash cause by SHVDN.

- Updated all the new DLC cars and motorbikes.
- Improved traffic spawns.
- Improved Framerate.

- Option to Disable Vehicle upgrades.
- Option to Set Chance of getting upgraded vehicles spawn.
- Vehicles won't spawn in Mount Chiliad, Mount Gordo, Mount Josiah
- Bugs fixes and improvement.

- Normal Traffic Disappear fixed.
- Vehicle will Spawn with Passenger.
- Add Option to Notify when a vehicle spawned or de-spawned.
- Add Option to Track vehicles.
- More Color variant (Trim Color, Dashboard Color, Rim Color).

- Settings are available
- Vehicles won't spawn in LSIA, Jail, Fort Zancudo, Pacific Ocean

- Initial Release

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