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LSC Jobs


This mod lets you do simple jobs for LSC (Near Rockford Hills)
there are currently 3 mission playable, 1 about stealing the truck because its filled with parts the LSC could use, The other is a Gauntlet you have to deliver,
the other is about picking up a abadoned car you have to pickup using towtruck.

You can Accept a job by pressing either Y(yes) or N(no). After rejecting a job you can just walk to the door to start a other job.

install: Simply drag and drop the dll file into your scripts folder.
Make sure Scripthookv, Scripthookvdotnet is installed otherwise the mod will not work.

V1.0 Just released the mod nothing special to mention
V1.1 Added a new mission with a towtruck, Also: now when you deliver the car the specific car will delete instead of the current car
V1.2 The Y/N is now in the upperleft in help box instead of subtitles. No more need for
pressing Insert to play another job for LSC. Gauntlet mission changed

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDCmm1osbyLMQi5qLeeoztQ
You are free to add video's to my mod on gtav mods site: https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/lsc-jobs

Bugs: None

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