Orbital Strike 1.1.0


Script based off the GTA 5 online orbital cannon, with night vision and thermal capabilities.
You can change all the key bindings in the OrbitalStrike.ini file.
There is controller support, but you can't start the orbital strike, activate night vision, thermal, or surveillance with a controller yet.

This mod requires the latest GTA V patch and the latest version of Alexander Blade's ScripthookV plugin.
1. Drop OrbitalStrike.asi and OrbitalStrike.ini into Grand Theft Auto V folder.
2. Press F11 to start script
3. Enjoy :)

[Known Bugs]
- If you find any bugs please let me know in the comments

[Planned Features]
- More sounds from the original orbital cannon
- Add ability to change controller keys in config file
- Add mouse support
- Add charge up feature from original orbital cannon

- (1.1.0)
- Area where cannon is targeting is now force loaded
- Added charging feature from original orbital cannon
- You can now start script using controller
- Fixed jerky movement

Start/Stop = F11
Fire = Enter
Surveillance = B
NightVision = N
Thermal = T
ZoomIn = NumPadAdd
ZoomOut = NumPadSubtract
Forward = W
Backward = S
Left = A
Right = D

[Controller input]
Start/Stop = DPad Left & Y
Stop = B
Fire = A
ZoomIn = DPAD Up
ZoomOut = DPAD Down
Forward = ThumbStick Up
Backward = ThumbStick Down
Left = ThumbStickLeft
Right = ThumbStick Right
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