Ragdoll Tricks


Place RagdollTricks.dll and RagdollTricks folder into your "scripts" folder. You will need Script Hook V and .NET Script Hook.

Uses native GTA controls.

This mod is more oriented for controllers but it works semi-fine with keyboards as well. While in ragdoll mode, press and hold your weapon selection button (TAB or L1 or Left Bumper) to make a instructional wheel pop up on the bottom right corner of your screen. Use your movement keys to navigate with that (left controller stick or WASD keys).

This mod allows you to do cool things with Euphoria in ragdoll mode. You can do a body foetal (protect head and curl up into ball) or just spasm out as of now. You can use this to save your life while rolling down a hill or diving out of a vehicle or making a more active and fun ragdoll experience. Skate 3 inspired me to make this mod.

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