Vlad's Export Garage 3.6



Find Vlad's Export Garage on the map and visit it. Knock on the door to find out which vehicles Vlad is looking for.
When you find the vehicle from the list and get into it, you'll receive a notification. Deliver the car in the best possible condition for the maximum reward.
After first visit you can make a call to Vlad in any moment to get current wanted vehicle list. One in a while, Vlad will inform you about an additional mission.
With this mod you can find all DLC vehicles in city traffic. The models vary in different zones. So, for example, you will see supercars mainly around Rockford Hills and Vinewood hills.

- Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8
- Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package
- Script Hook V
- ScriptHookVDotNet 3

- Gameconfig for Limitless Vehicles (2x or 3x traffic)

- Drag and drop all .dll and .ini files into your scripts folder

If you want to see photos of vehicles in the list:
- Open ExportGarage.ini and set EnablePhotosOnList value to True
- Open OpenIV (https://openiv.com/)
- Go to mods\update\update.rpf\x64\patch\data\cdimages\scaleform_web.rpf\
- Activate the Edit mode
- Replace lgm_dlc_lts_creator.ytd

- Drive or call to Vlad (dollar blips on the map) and check current wanted vehicles list
- Find a vehicle from list
- Deliver it to the garage
- Earn some cash

- gamepad support
- fixed bugs related to character swap
- fixed closed garage doors when contactCreated = false (innocence blvd garage)
- added new mission scenario : flatbed transport
- fixed small bug in protect mission scenario
- removed 3 parameters from the ini file
- added new parameter: MissionPauseTime - waiting time for the next mission
- fixed a closed gate near one of the vlad's garages
- removed warnings from the ScriptHookDotNet console
- fixed DLCSpawner - the most exclusive cars will appear less often
- DLCSpawner - the script should no longer remove persistents cars
- added vehicles from Mercenaries and Chop Shop updates
- 2 new mission types: drag race and drift
- fixed an important bug (the expected reward was not displayed on the list)
- new variations of Vlad's messages in English and Polish
- most of the code was rewritten
- fixed DLCSpawner error
- fixed vlad's notifications
- added vehicles from Drug Wars
- fixed spawning dlc vehicles in traffic (doesn't break story missions)
- new, alternative texts in Polish
- (fixed) spawn random vehicle from list every x minutes depends on current location poor/mid/rich)
- no more popgroups.ymt
- added vehicles from Criminal Enterprises
- new peremeters in .ini file:
• ENABLESPAWNVEHICLEFROMLIST - spawn a random vehicle from the list in traffic every x minutes (bugs fixed)
• ENABLESPAWNDLCINTRAFFIC - spawn random dlc vehicle in traffic every x minutes
(this function will replace the popgroups.ymt file) - BETA
- changed pictures of vehicles in the list
- pictures of vehicles on the wanted list (replace lgm_dlc_lts_creator.ytd)
- spawn a random vehicle from the list every x minutes (on the road or parked) - check .ini file
- the guards warn before they shoot
v3.0 (Special thanks to Malulani for the latest release. He sent me great ideas and a donation to improve the script)
- added vehicles from The Contract Update
- missions are now activated by phone (second contact)
- missions available again after 6 hours
- all blips are now named vlad's garage
- vehicles spawned in missions can be upgraded (check .ini file)
- better bodyguards in missions
- small code fixes
- added cars from Los Santos Tuners Update
- small code fixes
- script compatible with ScriptHookVDotNet v3.4.0
- added cars from Cayo Perico Heist (Toreador, Brioso 300, Weevil, Manchez Scout, Winky, Itali RSX)
- script compatible with ScriptHookVDotNet v3.1.0
- no jobs from Vlad when mission active
- script works with MP characters
- 48 new cars in missions
- no poor cars in missions
- 12 new mission locations
- add-on vehicles support (must be added in the .ini file)
- small changes in .ini file

Original mod: Vehicle Export Missions
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First Uploaded: Xoves 6 de Xuño de 2019
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