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  • 4186c6 crysis

    @khunnic You can export video and audio separately.

    9 días
  • 4186c6 crysis

    @Reclusive Eagle don't confuse people, motion blur with EvE and motion blur with post editing not the same my friend!
    EVE and like you say premiere or some editing programs use different algorithm motion blur.
    If you want motion blur like EVE mod used premier or something else you cant just add motion blur, you need to be used mask and edit EVERY frame!!! its ok if you video about 3min, but if you video 30 min? 1 hour? what than? you will be edit every frame? or you can use EVE for correct motion blur?
    You also can turn off DOF in RE , why not?, and add this in premiere , but like i sad you need use mask and than edit EVERY frame!!! I think this is nonsense .

    Venres 9 de Xullo de 2021
  • 4186c6 crysis

    @lassek1981 Hey! This mod dont use all system power, and dont matter how powerful you system( need to fix or update)
    For motion blur need more time to render, but gives you cinematic looks (i use 48 samples and 1 straight full motion blur)
    I use png sequence preset for export, that gives best quality as posible.
    For export i use 23.97 fps (word standart cinematic)
    My time export 4k resolution(3840*2160) png sequence, 23.97 fps, full motion blur - 10 sec around 1-1.5 hour export time.
    For 4k resolution i use nvidia DSR mode.

    Mércores 7 de Xullo de 2021
  • 4186c6 crysis

    @slushieeee Hey! May be , when you instaling openiv , dont create mods folder , try change original rpf archives , and may be EVE will be work. its just my supposition.

    Xoves 10 de Xuño de 2021
  • 4186c6 crysis

    @izizer I think better export you video without any effects, than add some effects in vegas or premiere, like RG magic bullet looks, this more powerfull than this reshade and contains a lot of precets , becouse this reshade not real reshade, its just a filters, like contrast , gamma, color correction and etc.

    Luns 31 de Maio de 2021
  • 4186c6 crysis

    @Zackfalcon Hey! you cant change camera speed, but you can change distance from markers, and camera will be move faster or slower.

    Sábado 29 de Maio de 2021
  • 4186c6 crysis

    Hello friends! The mod still works , sometimes not perfect, but works quite fine . This is my movie i just finished, used this mod https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1P_vNIpZ94U . If you have a questions ask me under the video .

    Mércores 19 de Maio de 2021