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    Models look nice, followed the instructions of "replace all the files there, except for the revolver and the knife" and every single gun has issues with the attachments, and a few guns don't show up. I didn't add the knife or revolver at all since I wasnt interested in them.

    I'm pretty sure it's because there are a ton of files that overwrite eachother in the pack, but there are zero instructions that mention which files you have to choose between, your only specific instructions are about "the revolver and knife", which is also a bad bit of instructions. You know what the folders are named, why not just say "gerber knife"? Who does it benefit to have such vague instructions?

    After 10 minutes of trying the mod I'm gonna uninstall it because it's easier than having to work through bad instructions, I'm sure if I had installed 100 gun mods before I wouldn't have an issue, but idk man 90% of the car mods have way better instructions despite having more steps to install.

    Sábado 10 de Febreiro de 2024