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    For everybody saying it should be Ballas = Pirus and Families = Crips, it can go both ways, because Rockstar made it in such a way that it's not obvious which is Pirus and which is Crips. But, here is how to make Ballas Pirus and Families Crips.
    1. Open the File in WinRAR, look for the OIV Package
    2. Right Click on the OIV Package, then click "View File"
    3. Click on each of the folders, rename the Families files to their corresponding Ballas files, and vice versa (famca, famdnf, famfor, ballaeast, ballasout, ballaorig)
    4. Go to OpenIV, look for x64.v, then models, then cdimages, then componentpeds_g_m_y.rpf
    5. Replace the files for Families and Ballas
    If you guys want, I can dm you the files.

    Luns 13 de Maio de 2024
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    can you make a sawed off version of this?

    Sábado 6 de Abril de 2024
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    also for the people saying that this doesnt work, youre supposed to install the oiv package to your mods folder, then the files for lamar, stretch, gerald, and d into your GTA V folder. this mod works perfectly, its just that the creator didnt add install instructions

    Sábado 6 de Abril de 2024
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    does this change the textures of the shirts inside of stores? ive been trying to get the chicago bulls shirt that the carson ave families wear

    Sábado 6 de Abril de 2024