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    @el_charco MODS I assume you're talking about the sidewall text? The rear tail lights are modernized, not '2000s tunning' style as they're not all white/clear as I believe you're implying. The trunk/roof diffuser, brush guard and rear bumper are all extras, so if you don't like them, you can remove them ingame.

    @OtherSideGuy Once I figure out how to animate the suspension, I could convert it into a street car.

    Domingo 28 de Xaneiro de 2018
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    @el_charco MODS Care to explain how?

    @Penguin_09 Thank you, once I figure out how to setup the suspension, I'll make an addon version. It does have two custom liveries, but they're pretty basic since I'm not that great at making skins. If you're up to to the challenge, I'll include your skin in the next release. (template included in the download)

    Sábado 27 de Xaneiro de 2018
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    @TeamMOH Thank you, glad you like it!

    Sábado 27 de Xaneiro de 2018
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    @Biggdogg done.

    Venres 26 de Xaneiro de 2018
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    Maybe upload some better screenshots?

    Domingo 14 de Xaneiro de 2018
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    Any chance I could get the unlocked version of this?

    Xoves 30 de Novembro de 2017
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    Hey bob, would you be willing to help me figure out what I'm doing wrong with importing a modded car?
    I've got a similar idea for another car, but it causes the game to crash. If I import parts over the original parts, it works up until like 5-6 parts, and starts making the game crash again.

    Awesome mod btw, I'll be adding it to my FiveM server.

    Venres 10 de Novembro de 2017
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    I have to agree with 'old good fake' the black as hell tires are just horrible, degrades the quality of the mod. I was going to download, but that made me change my mind.

    Martes 24 de Outubro de 2017
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    Awesome tool! I use this for addons and it works flawlessly every time.

    Domingo 15 de Outubro de 2017
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    That shouldn't warrant 2.5 stars all on it's own (4.5 would have been an acceptable rating for a single feature.

    But I'll give this 3 stars due to the weird deformation and lack of breakable (proper) windows. Two extremely basic 'features' in a game all about vehicles.
    (deformation is quite weird, I'm guessing the model weirdly separated, or there was an error when exporting, or the cols models are separated.) The model and it's setup, otherwise earns a solid 3 stars.

    Venres 13 de Outubro de 2017