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  • F694a1 chat bg

    @w.. Oh okay thanks for the information! Guess you contacted him to have this HUD Icon.
    Nice icon by the way.

    Domingo 29 de Maio de 2022
  • F694a1 chat bg

    Hey yo wasup!
    What a mod dude really never seen stuff like that before you thought about every detail for a Dart pistol haha.

    Also, I've got a question about your mod,
    for the image of the dart pistol how have you done it?
    Have you mixed many existing images, have you done it by yourself, or have you got things that help you do this image (a site or whatever).
    I'm looking forward to knowing how to find/do images in GTA Style for a mod but I can't find ...


    Domingo 29 de Maio de 2022