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    If i could i'll make hundreds of accounts just to rate this mod 5 stars with them all. You have my utmost respect Killatomate. Been following you since IV days. Wish that modded cars could've had such painstakingly detailed, realistic handling. Sir, you've made a Grand Theft Auto V an enjoyable game. Thank you

    Venres 6 de Xaneiro de 2017
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    I'm also getting ZLIB Error with PTFX files, other than that it's a great mod! Thanks for the work you've done!

    Xoves 27 de Outubro de 2016
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    Hi Guys! First of all my utmost respect for the work that you guys have done! It's a masterpiece. Keep it up!

    Second of all I have questions regarding the MXAO.
    Whenever I pull up phone ingame, the MXAO, as well as Indirect Lighting seems to disappear. If I hide the phone it all comes back to normal. and second thing.
    Whenever I start to browse ingame websites, the MXAO seems to pass through and I see the character, and part of the environment.

    And here's my question: Is it something that I should accept as "how it is and will be" or is it fixable? Thanks!

    Luns 23 de Maio de 2016
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    Thanks man!
    It's working but something else was the issue - I had a different vehshare.ytd installed in patchday3ng dlc.rpf folder.

    Keep it up man! Waiting for more of your releases! Muscle pack maybe? :) Cheers!

    Xoves 12 de Maio de 2016
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    @Bayan Asghar

    Thanks Bayan! Here are the files (I've put them on mediafire):

    I really appreciate your help! Thank you once again!

    Mércores 11 de Maio de 2016
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    Thank you for the mod that makes GTA V closer to being as cool as GTA IV! Cheers!

    Martes 10 de Maio de 2016
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    Hi MXT. I'm using your mod with Killatomate's handling mod (maybe that's causing the issue that I have).

    Anyway, the thing that I have with this mod apart from cars crashing into each other at stoplight is that the turning radius of cars is too big causing opposite cars to crash into each other, as well as alone cars crashing into lampposts, walls etc.
    Another problem that I have is that cop cars are chasing me like mad crazy, for example cop car coming from the street on the right will fly through intersection and go straight into the water, or rollover and blew himself up (which is hilarious sometimes).

    Can you help me out with those issues please? What values should I change in order to reduce, or remove this (or these) issues? Thanks!

    Apart from those issues I love your mod, it's really immersive going on the highway with cars that aren't slow like turtles.

    Martes 10 de Maio de 2016
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    Hi Bayan! I love your pack! I've been using the previous versions and i really enjoyed it!

    However I have a little problem with the chrome package.

    I'm using chrome package with gray side by side and chrome rims are white instead of chrome.
    I imported your textures into vehshare.ytd once again thinking that there were some changes,
    but that didn't help to solve the problem.

    Can you help me out with this? Thanks!

    Martes 10 de Maio de 2016