Liberty City, Liberty City State
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    No, since the sheriff's don't have heli megaphone speeches. You're more than welcome to make your own, of course.

    Sábado 5 de Xaneiro de 2019
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    I'm okay with it.

    Mércores 9 de Maio de 2018
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    Where's Albany badge on the grille?

    Sábado 7 de Abril de 2018
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    @Voit Turyv
    The LCPD used it, they don't own it. With that logic, they do the Los Santos County Sheriff use the LSPD's car?

    Domingo 4 de Febreiro de 2018
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    @Voit Turyv
    If you ever looked at artwork from GTA4, the 1st gen Stanier was originally going to had lights in the grill.

    Domingo 4 de Febreiro de 2018
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    Yeah, I plan on updating this. I am waiting on some mods to either be updated, or released. Ironically, a lot of the wait is mostly on me, since I am waiting on myself to do those things. Am lazy, I've been playing other games, and my job has also been keeping me busy. There are plans to update this, I just don't have an ETA as to when that is. Sorry.

    Mércores 1 de Novembro de 2017
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    This mod just changes the appearance of the patrol officers. This includes LSPD officers, Los Santos County Sheriff deputies, and San Andreas Highway patrolmen. You will need additional mods to have the female officers and highway patrolmen to spawn, either being dispatched or patrolling the streets.

    Martes 10 de Outubro de 2017
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    You add the Annihilator in under the SwatHelicopter dispatch type. If there isn't a group already with the Annihilator in it under VehicleSets, you'll need to create one.

    Luns 25 de Setembro de 2017
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    OpenIV will copy any rpf's that are not already present in the mod folder. Do make sure that the OpenIV.asi script is present in the game directory, or the option for Mod Folder when installing a package will not be displayed.

    Luns 18 de Setembro de 2017
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    This is great, I love seeing the cops attempting to pull me over.

    My only complaint is that it doesn't seem to work on added police vehicle, it's like it can't detect the cops driving the patrol cars. Is this a plan for the future?

    Venres 15 de Setembro de 2017