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  • Franklin3

    @zoobear The car made it to looks like this, like in IRL, this is a land yacht..., sorry

    Luns 13 de Novembro de 2023
  • Franklin3

    @zoobear The roof has two extras, hard top, and vinyl top, if the car spawns without extras, it will looks like in the picture you sent, check the vehicles.meta, since there is a flag named FLAG_EXTRAS_REQUIRE which force the game to use one of the extras every time when the car spawns.

    Luns 6 de Novembro de 2023
  • Franklin3

    @zoobear Did you installed the car properly? The car spawned without extras, which shouldn't be possible...

    Sábado 4 de Novembro de 2023
  • Franklin3

    @XavierTheSniper The reason why the dials are not working is just because you forgot to rename the car in the txdrelations (bottom of the vehicles.meta), its still uses the hustler name, but it should be xhustler

    Sábado 14 de Outubro de 2023
  • Franklin3

    @ultimo Both of them are unfixable, 2013 game limits, the headlights aren't break because of the front swaps. Glass roof is a tuning part, tuning parts can't break, even in R* cars.

    Luns 9 de Outubro de 2023
  • Franklin3

    @Yinepu Of course I am planning to do it, for the Greenwood, GCT said he wants to make a better version, I am waiting for it, for the Granger, need some update, but yeah, of course, I am planning to update all my outdated mods (okay, not the 2015-2016 ones) like fixing modkit ID, and with custom glass shards, since the old ones don't have them yet.

    Domingo 16 de Xullo de 2023
  • Franklin3

    @ultimo sorry, since this is based on the Drag Tulip which is in the Drug Wars DLC, I thought it's obvious that the Drug Wars DLC is required for it.

    Luns 10 de Xullo de 2023
  • Franklin3

    Just put the tulip4 folder to your dlcpacks folder (update/x64/dlcpacks) and add the <Item>dlcpacks:\tulip4\</Item> line to your dlclist (update/update.rpf/common/data/dlclist.xml). Of course if you have mods folder, do this in the mods folder, it should work, and don't forget, modded gameconfig needed for them to work correctly.

    Venres 30 de Xuño de 2023
  • Franklin3

    @Grodd Its because the game doesn't find the layout file for it, just edit the setup2.xml's order value to 43 or more.

    Domingo 11 de Xuño de 2023
  • Franklin3

    @SoLeM2588 You need to add the custom layout file to your dlc's content.xml. And yeah, the order value is some kind of reading order like if you set it to 31, your dlc will be the 31st dlc that the game reads, and if the original dlc is after that like 33rd, it will not find the necessary lines because it loaded after your dlc. I usually use 49 for cars that have some dlc content. The Drug Wars DLC has value 42, so if you want to use something from this DLC, you need to set it at least 43 or above, since the Drug Wars is the last DLC, if you set it to 43 or above, all of the original contents will be read before your dlc.

    Domingo 26 de Marzo de 2023