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    @Budwisser Is "Invalid procedure call or argument (Error 5)" the entire Error text? If not, it would be helpful of you to provide that. But either way, it sounds more like you didn't install a prerequisite of a prerequisite or something. Pretty sure I had something similar.

    This mod needs ikt's Addon Spawner, and ikt's Addon needs ScriptHookV and ScriptHookV needs Asi Loader, and Asi loader needs Script Hook V .NET, and that needs the .NET Framework 4.8 and C++ Redistributable Package for Visual Studio 2019 (x64).

    The Visual Studio Redist Pack 2019 was my problem, I had only 2016 installed before that.

    Good luck working through this annoying part but I swear it's worth it!

    Sábado 12 de Xuño de 2021
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    Ok working at the time of writing on Office 2016. Was a bit confusing to understand where exactly it pulls what information from, so I ended up with the group VEH_RARE like DVD22 in his comment, although there is no such thing in any of my files. And I'm not sure you mean overwriting, do you mean backup?

    But it did save me a massive amount of time and provides a nice visualization of what car goes where, so it's a very nice tool if you one reads the instructions and pays attention when working with it.

    Also, doing it with this tool or manually provides for a much more realistic world. Other mods with preset popgroup.ymt files are often very all out spawning everything, while this takes care of putting the cars where they belong, just more different ones.

    Good work!

    Martes 11 de Maio de 2021
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    See, this is the kinda shit I love the PC community and platform for. Game company doing stupid shit for the sake of online moneys, community mods a perfect version of how-it-should-have-been to begin with, and does it for free. Thank you very much for your work. (Same to the dependencies). Works perfectly at the time of posting.

    Luns 10 de Maio de 2021